Ephesians 4x - Danube International Church

Age old problem
Better teams
Increased effectiveness
Better Relationships
Age old problem
Personal level – Being spiritually gifted
Calls me to courageous, faith-filled initiative
It’s my move as a STEWARD
Calls me to better understand each of you
Corporate level – our gifting
Asks the church’s leadership to excel in
stewardship. Every gift needs to be utilized and
Asks for us all to create a culture that appreciates
the importance of spiritual gifts
Same Author
But to each one of us grace was
given according to the measure of
Christ’s gift.
But to each one of us grace was
given according to the measure of
Christ’s gift.
But to each one of us grace was
given according to the measure of
Christ’s gift.
But to each one of us grace was
given according to the measure of
Christ’s gift.
Grace –
The gift is an expression of God’s goodness.
There is a loose connection between me (my
merits) and this gift.
The gifts tell us more about the GIVER than about
the recipient.
Each - Diversity is Universal in the Body of Christ
– it affects everyone.
Apportioned - God orders the diversity
according to his desires and values. Each piece
fits into a larger plan.
Allusion to
WHO the gift
is coming from!
To equip the saints for works of service…
so that the body of Christ may be built up until
we all reach unity in faith…
and become mature. Ephesians 4:12,13
Indentifying a gift, using a gift and growing in a
Is probably going to be connected to our
dedication to use it as God intended.
Are their pre-requisites?
You must value teamwork
You have to desire to achieve
high levels of performance
You must have motivation to
confront change
You have to really care about people
Spiritual gifts
Beliefs & Values
Paul – “I choose to glory only in the cross of
George – I glory in myself and my
I am the steward of the gift God gave me. It is
my job to identify it and use it.
I am called to use the gift to bless the Body of
Christ whether or not its exercise is easy or
I have been re-created to serve others, and my
gift is a divine responsibility. 1 Peter 4:10
There is real spiritual power that God intends to
flow through me. Something spiritual happens
when I exercise my gift.
Values option 1
Values option 2
1. I do what I’m best at,
and avoid areas of
lower performance.
1. In developing my gift,
I’m dedicated to
learning by trail and
2. Gifting means that it
should come
naturally. (It should
be easy)
2. Investment in God’s
kingdom is so valuable
I’ll pay the cost.
3. The weekend is my
free-time, a good time
for others to build me
3. In the weekend I will
be with my spiritual
family, so it is a great
time to use my gift.
Lack of knowledge?
Lack of wisdom – “No man builds a barn
without first calculating the cost” -- assess the
Lack of willingness?
Each one has a gift, each one has a stewardship.
The ball is in my court.
God give me courageous, faith-filled initiative!
What if I don’t see an “easy application?
Question – are there really that many easy
Will you send to the elders your top 3 gift
[email protected]
Recognition of giftedness binds us together
Recognition of giftedness often creates
The soul seeks its place of service
A soul that is restless is more inclined to envy &
God, what do you want me to do with my gift?
God, how am I doing on the pre-requisites of
effective gift use?
Have I accepted the stewardship of my gift?
Have I been expecting it to be easy?
Do I believe that REAL spiritual power will flow
through me?
Am I living out the attitude, “Here I am, send me?”
How easy does it have to be in order for me to
use my spiritual gifts?
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