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Milan, March 17th, 2014
IR Top organises the first edition of AIM INVESTOR DAY in Milan
IR Top Consulting, Equity Markets Partner of Borsa Italiana - London Stock
Exchange Group, advises several companies listed on AIM Italia in the dialogue
with investors and sponsors the market as alternative source for capital
The event is part of AIM TO LIQUIDITY, initiative powered by IR Top and Twice
Research aimed at increasing the investors’ interest towards AIM Italia market
and trade volumes for a fair assessment
The listed companies of AIM Italia are 41, with total revenues of € 1 bln and
global market cap of € 1.6 bln
15 new IPOs in 2013 and 5 in the early 2014
The market raised globally € 322 mln, of which € 294 mln by capital increase
Green Economy (24%), Finance (24%), Media (17%), Services (12%) e ICT
(10%) the most representative industries
The standard AIM Italia company has average revenues of € 30 mln, an average
floating of 25% and an average market cap of € 39 mln
+9.8%1 the performance of FTSE AIM Italia since its constitution in July 2013
Milan, March 17, 2014
AIM Italia, the Italian market managed by Borsa Italiana LSE Group dedicated to SMEs, has recorded an
increasing success in recent years and today, with 41 listed companies, represents the privileged channel
for capital raising and financing of interesting projects of growth.
IR Top, leader in Italy in Investor Relations and Financial Communication advisory, organises the first
AIM INVESTOR DAY next April 3th at 8:30 am in Milan, at Sala Convegni of Palazzo Mezzanotte. The
event, with the partnership of Borsa Italiana - LSE Group, offers to the financial community the chance to
discuss on strategies, growth, innovation and financial and economic results with the top management of
excellent SMEs in their own sectors. VedoGreen, the Italian financial advisor for green companies, is the
Main Sponsor of the event.
“The importance and the success of AIM Italia is confirmed by the growing number of IPOs – explains
Anna Lambiase, IR Top CEO – with 15 public offers in 2013 and 5 in the early 2014 for a global raising
of € 241 (75% of global raising) since 2013 up today. The listed companies are 41 and their total
revenues are more than € 1 bln, with a total market cap of € 1.6 bln and an average floating of 25%.
Thanks to IR Top, we advise a big number of important AIM Italia companies in the dialogue with
investors that have been showing a growing interest towards this market, a good alternative for excellent
SMEs to raise funds. This year, for the first time, by supporting the market liquidity and visibility, we
have planned the AIM Investor Day. The event is part of “AIM to Liquidity” initiative, that has the purpose
to improve shares liquidity and trading volumes, to increase the interest of national and international new
asset class investors towards this market and to foster the visibility of important entrepreneurial
successful stories. The great participation of listed companies very sensitive to disclosure towards
investors, with an open attitude to dialogue and communication represents one of the success key to
improve the liquidity and accountability of capital markets.”
Barbara Lunghi, Head of Mid&Small Caps Italy, Primary Markets Borsa Italiana - LSE Group underlined:
“The relationship between SMEs and the Stock Exchange is surely turning positive. Companies have now
more confidence in the listing process than in the past, and many of them have raised capital to finance
at March 6, 2014
Milan, March 17th, 2014
ambitious development projects. Compared to other countries, we can’t see in Italy a sound group of
dedicated funds focused on SMEs. The support to liquidity of SMEs through the capital market is
strategic, thanks to the composition of Italian economy, and for that reason initiatives like the IR Top one
are fundamental to underline the need of national specialized investors.”
The number of listed companies totals 41; the total raised capital is € 322 mln, of which € 294 mln
obtained by capital increase; Green (24%), Finance (24%), Media (17%), Services (12%) and ICT (10%)
are the most representative industries; the global market capitalization is of € 1.6 bln, the average
market cap is € 39 mln and the average floating is 25%. The listed companies have a global revenues
above € 1 bln, and the average revenues are € 30 mln.
The event, planned and organized by IR Top, is part of AIM TO LIQUIDITY, the initiative sponsored by IR
Top and Twice Research with the purpose of strengthening the AIM Italia market, as well as increasing
the investors’ interest and trading volumes for a fair evaluation of stocks and to light up the interest of
Italian SMEs for this market.
Main Sponsor: VedoGreen
AIM to Liquidity: Twice Research
Institutions: UK Trade & Investment
NomAd: Banca Finnat, Envent, Baldi & Partners, Integrae Sim.
Media Partner: La mia Finanza, Finanzaoperativa, Economia Web e Brown Editore.
Presentation of the “AIM To Liquidity” project is avalaible
[email protected] or tel. 02 45473884/3.
for media and companies at
IR Top, Equity Markets Partner of Borsa Italiana LSE, is leader in Italy in the field of specialised Investor Relations and
capital markets consulting with focus on listed companies. Founded in 2001, IR Top supports companies in building
and managing their relations with capital markets, through the development of financial and institutional
communication strategies. The company has developed a high degree of expertise in the Green Economy: it has
provided support to companies in the listing process and it has facilitated equity investments in SMEs by institutional
investors. IR Top assists companies with the process of implementing financial and informational reporting strategies
for the purposes of improving dialogue with banks, facilitating equity investments by institutional investors and
managing the stock market listing process.The IR Top team is made of professionals who have many years of capital
markets experience (both risk and debt capital). IR Top issues Journal of IR, the Italian magazine specialized on
Investor Relations. www.irtop.com
IR Top
Via C. Cantù, 1 - 20123 - Milano
Tel. +39 02 45473884/3
Press Office: Domenico Gentile - [email protected]
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