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Structure Hunting
How to travel in Zoetermeer
Bikes : Bikes are great way to experience dutch culture. Hop on,
follow safety rules and ride in bike lanes. For bike rentals, contact
Fietsenwinkel clean - De Bourbonstraat 72713 EG Zoetermeer, The
Netherlands Phone number+31 79 3166503.
Bus : Go to veolia-transport.nl. Search for bus routes to your place.
You can buy the ticket on the bus (Only cash, no cards). Get your O.V
chipkart from university office.
Walking : Get your rain gear and explore !!!
Find your group members in welcome arena.
Go to the introduction lecture (Room 22).
Get your destination name and collect the map.
Go to your destination explore, research, analyze and have Fun !!!
Group Working / Things to do
Analyze the structure. Compare and contrast the architecture from
your own country.
Evaluate and find its shortcomings
Develop ideas to improve it. ( on things like accessibility, functionality and marketability)
Remember you have 3 days to work on your idea and make a presentation on 4th day.
1. Stadshart Main Street
2. The Old Church
3. The Windmill “de Hoop”
4. Bibliotheek Zoetermeer
5. Utopolis Movie Theater
6. Stadstheater Zoetermeer
7. Culturpodium Boerderij
8. Zoetermeer Main Railway Station
9. Snow World
10. Ayers Rock
11. Dutch Water Dreams
12. Silver Dome
13. Watertoren
14. Mandelbrug
15. Balijbrug
16. Mormonentempel
17. Spazio
18. Stichting Fotografica Museum
19. Historich Museum, l’oude huis
20. Morgansterkerk
21. Ker van der Jezus Christus Ved de Heilingen der Laats
22. Crematorium Meer-Bloenhoof
23. Het Bouwhuis
24. Scouting Pocohontas Zoetermeer
25. Carbon Neutral Dwellings de Grone Kerk
26. De Jacobsvlinder
27. NBD Biblion
Andrea Tondella
Andreas Viktor Hess
Deep Golwala
Deniz Mutlu
Guillem Bosch
Martın Dawıla Vennıng
Rahul Kumar Sinha
Runa Sando
Selena Pelosi
Yimeng Bao
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