Ship Installation

Ship Installation
Engineering and production
Finished commissioned ship
Complete maritime electrical installation:
• Offshore vessels
Fishing vessels
Coast guards
Cruise ferries
N-6060 Hareid • Tel: +47 70 09 58 00 • Fax: +47 70 09 58 01 • [email protected] •
Ship Installation
Trough decades wth ship installation experience, Hareid
Elektriske Teknikk As has become a leading electrical
contractor in Norway. The ship installation department
currently represents the main focus area for the company.
Over the years, and in cooperation with a number of shipyards
and ship owners, this deoartment has accuulated a solid and
wide-ranging expertise related to ship installations and
The department is responsible for all installation assignments
at a number of shipyards, and receives contracts for ships all
over the world.
By good cooperation with the yards, our company is an impoartant participant in all stages from designing the ship systems to
finalising the ship ready for delivery to the ship owner.
- All power and signal cabling
- Lighting and general installation
- Switchboards and manoeuvre consoles
- Communcation and alarm systems
- Testing and commisioning of all systems
- Offshore vessels: PSV, MRSV, OCV, AHTS,seismic
- Fishing vessels: Purse seiners, stern trawlers, pelagic trawlers, long liners
- Coast guard vessels: For the Norwegian and French navy
- Cruise & feries: Cruise ships for the Norwegian “Hurtigruten”. Car ferries.
- Tankers: Parcel, chemical and juice tankers.
- Other: Research vessels, live fish carriers.
Complete reference list on separate sheet.
N-6060 Hareid • Tel: +47 70 09 58 00 • Fax: +47 70 09 58 01 • [email protected] •
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