Quick Check For Understanding

Quick Check For
1-What is your favorite sport so far this year and why?
2-What is your goal for Cardio Wednesdays and what are the health benefits?
3-What is the purpose of strength training Thursdays? What is your favorite exercise you have done on a Thursday so far?
4-What are 2 things you have learned about nutrition this year? What changes have you made to your eating plan since you have
been in my class?
5-If you were going to go to your local park to exercise, write down a warm-up activity you would do, what exercises you would do,
and a cool down activity you would do.
6-In my class you play sports on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. What is the purpose of
playing sports in my class? Be specific.
7-Name 2 examples of working-“out.” What is the purpose of working-“out”?
8-Name 2 examples of working-“in.” What is the purpose of working-“in”?
9-Name the 7 primal pattern movements. For each primal pattern movement name one
activity you would do for each.
Example: pushing-blocking in football
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