Nationalism or
President Jackson
VP John C. Calhoun
Citizens feel pride and
loyalty in the
accomplishments of the
Victories in The War of
Factories for Industry!
Canals to Connect the Nation
Areas of National Pride?
• Victories in the War of 1812
• Factories to build industry
• Canals to connect the nation
• Loyalty and pride in one’s own section of
the nation before the nation
The Northern States
Southern States
Western States
Sectionalism Economies
Northern states begin to produce more
factory goods
Southern states begin to produce more
cash crops using slave labor
Western states begin to grow and produce
grains to feed eastern cities
Definition – a tax on imported goods
Import – ( to bring into the nation)
Export – ( to send out of the nation)
Rising Tariffs Anger the South
North & West liked the tariff & passed a
high tariff in Congress
Southern states disliked the tariff but
couldn’t prevent its passage!
In 1828 the highest ever tariff was
passed: The Tariff of Abominations
Nullification Crisis
Nullify – to cancel a law
South Carolina threatens to withdraw from
the Union if national government tries to
collect the tariff taxes !
When a state leaves the Union (United
States of America)
Jefferson had started the idea of states’
rights in the Virginia & Kentucky
Secession is EXTREME states’ rights
Senator Daniel Webster
Speaks for Union !
Webster’s Senate Speech
•Liberty and Union
• now and forever,
•One and inseparable
Henry Clay Saves the Day
Everybody Happy?
Clay convinces Calhoun and Jackson to
make a deal
Lower the tariff over a period of ten years
South gets lower tariff eventually
North and West get a tariff for the next ten
Secession Avoided
Secession – to withdraw from the Union
South Carolina backs down and the
Nullification Crisis ends
Jackson keeps the country together!
Jackson vs. The 2nd Bank of the
United States
 Jackson believed the national bank
favored the wealthy
 Jackson believed te national bank made
it difficult for the average man to borrow
money to buy a farm or house
 Jackson vetoed the Bank Renewal Bill
Jackson vetoes the Bank
Why Was Jackson A
Nationalist ?
 Jackson prevented the secession of
South Carolina and Civil War by the
Compromise of 1832
 Jackson strengthened the role of the
presidency by leading the nation and
using his presidential powers
Jackson Makes Pet Banks
• He withdraws tax deposits and puts them
into private state banks
• The National Bank is not only vetoed , but
its money is removed making it worthless!
• Pet Bank – private banks, used by
Jackson, to hold government tax money