What is a Task Sheet?

What is a Task Sheet?
Difference between a task sheet and
Goal and objectives
Task Sheets
• Short measureable analysis of:
• What to do
• How to do it
IEP Goal: Johnny will correctly count
using whole numbers with 80 accuracy.
Math 3rd Grade
What to do
• Greet Johnny upon starting
interactions with him. It is VERY
important to talk to him at all times
and let him know what you are
going to be doing with him.
• Have Johnny do leg stretches
How to do it
• Say Hello, and encourage him to
respond 3 out of 4 times.
• Having Johnny count, hold each
stretch for a count of 10 and do it 3
times each.
Achieved , Not
Achieved, Achieved
with Assistance
• + Responded 3 times
• - Did not attempt
• / Only with assistance (50%)