My hands had _______ after raking
leaves all morning with no gloves on.
a) patchwork
b) sores
c) loosened
d) mysterious
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sores – plural noun – places where
the skin has been broken and
Brad _______ his necktie when the
ceremony was over.
a) sores
b) loosened
c) mysterious
d) amazement
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loosened – verb – made looser, set
free or released
The fact that the cookies were
missing was __________.
a) mysterious
b) amazement
c) midst
d) responsibility
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mysterious – adjective – very hard
or impossible to understand; full
of mystery
To the _________ of the audience,
the children played some difficult
music perfectly.
a) amazement
b) midst
c) responsibility
d) patchwork
You are Right!!!!
amazement –
or wonder
– great surprise
“There is a poet in our _____,” said
the principal, “and we need to clap
for her.”
a) loosened
b) mysterious
c) amazement
d) midst
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midst – noun – a position in the
middle of a group of people or
Taking care of the dog was my
a) midst
b) responsibility
c) patchwork
d) sores
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responsibility – noun – the quality
or condition of having a job,
duty, or concern
From the air, the land looked like a
________ of green and brown
a) responsibility
b) patchwork
c) sores
d) loosened
You are Right!!!!
patchwork – noun – something put
together out of many uneven or
varied parts
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