The Tides & Eclipses

The Tides
& Eclipses
MCAS Bootcamp:
Day 4
The Tides
Caused mostly by the moon (but also the sun).
 Moon’s gravity draws ocean water toward it.
 High tide is always the two parts of the world
lined up straight with the moon.
 Low tide occurs in the two spots between.
 It takes ~6 hours to change from high tide to
low tide.
 When the sun and moon line up, tides become
especially strong (spring tide)
 When the sun and moon work against each
other, tides are much weaker. (neap tide)
 Solar Eclipses : Occur when the moon passes
between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the
sun over a small part of the Earth
Lunar Eclipses: When the Earth passes
between the sun and the moon, casting a
shadow over the full moon at night time.
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse
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