Germans in Tanganyika

Germans in Tanganyika
Used both direct and indirect rule.
At the coast they used direct rule.
In the hinterland they used indirect rule,
They divided Tanganyika into Provinces and 22
Provincial Administration.
District Officers.
Germans used harsh methods in ruling just like
the British
Indirect rule
• Used chiefs to rule the people in organized
• Used Arabs and Swahili as agents to rule
–known as Akidas.
• Akidas were cruel and were hated by the
people due religious differences- Muslims.
• Akidas had a lot of power and collected
excess taxes and pocketed the difference.
• Swahili was the language of administration
German rule
• Exploitative - introduced first cash crops
such as coffee, sisal, cotton and
• Introduced plantations,
• Introduced forced labor
• Employed the use of military to enforce
law and order
Maji-Maji Rebellion
• Causes
• Lack of respect for Muslims- went to
mosque with shoes and dogs.
• removed traditional chiefs and put their
own chiefs.
• Over taxation by the Akidas.
• Use of Corporal punishment.
• Forced labor on the cotton plantations.
• Started during the rule of the 3RD Governor –Julius von
• Started in 1905 at Matumbi hills led by a prophet of the
god Bokero called Kinjikitile Ngwale had a message
from god to free his people using water from river Rufiji
that would be bulletproof
• It was a mass rebellion and spread to other parts of
• People went to Ngarambe to be sprinkled with water and
took up arms to fight the Germans. “Unamaji call”
• The rebellion thus took a religious form and created
mass unity
• It was one of the most serious rebellions in Africa due to
its solidarity of entire country
Maji did not work but people still went for more t water and took up arms.
It lasted for 2 years , ended in 1907 ,many people
were killed approximately 75,000 people died. Many
Germans were killed they had to call reinforcement from West Africa and
Germany that was expensive
Crops were destroyed the Africans uprooted all the cotton plantations.
Railways destroyed and administration buildings and shops burnt.
Germans and British in Kenya were shaken never have
Africans rebelled in mass like maji maji in the continent.
Maji maji proved that a united front against invaders was possible.
• Forced Germans to change their policy.
• New Governor –Albrecht von Rechenberg
• Introduced new economic policy which
benefited Africans
• Stopped forcing Africans to grow cash crops,
instead encouraged the growing of food crops.
• Removal of forced labor,
• Eradication of corporal punishment
• Although settlers did not like the changes , but
the Governor did not want another majimaji.
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