Chapter 11 Section 1 Europe`s Dramatic Landscape

Chapter 11 Section 1
Europe’s Dramatic Landscape
Europe’s Geography
• The entire continent is a
peninsula, sometimes called “the
peninsula of peninsulas”.
Europe’s Geography
• Most places in Europe are no
more than 300 miles from an
ocean or sea.
•a body of
land nearly
by water.
Europe’s Peninsula’s
• Scandinavian Peninsula- juts
out into the North Sea. The
countries of Norway and Sweden
are on it.
Europe’s Peninsula’s
• Iberian Peninsula- Extends into
the Mediterranean Sea. Spain
and Portugal are both on it.
Europe’s Peninsula’s
• Italian Peninsula- shaped like a
boot and stretches into the
Mediterranean Sea. Italy is the
only country on it.
Europe’s Peninsula’s
• Balkan Peninsula- stretches into
the Mediterranean and Aegean
Sea. Many small countries are
located here with Greece located
at the southern point.
Europe’s Mountains
• The Alps- Europe’s tallest
mountains. Stretches across eight
countries in southern Europe.
The Alps
Europe’s Mountains
• The Pyrenees- forms a natural
barrier between Spain and
Northern European Plain
• Vast area of flat or gently rolling
land from France to Russia.
Europe’s Climate
• The closeness to oceans on all
sides of Europe keep the
temperatures fairly mild compared
to other locations of the same
North Atlantic Drift
• Current of water
through the Atlantic
Ocean carrying
warm water that
temperatures in