The Sioux Indians

The Sioux Indians
By Rickey
• The Sioux lived in the Black Hills of South
• They also lived in northern Minnesota.
• The Sioux also lived in Great Pains.
• And lived in woodlands.
• They lived in forested mountains.
Family Life
The Sioux children played wherever they wanted.
Mothers and grandmothers taught girls how to
make clothes.
Boys learned skills that helped them to become
good warriors and hunters.
• The Sioux are divided into seven bands,
which speak Dakota, Nakota, or Lakota.
• These Seven Council fires ( Oceti
• They unite the Dakota, Lakota, and
The Sioux Today
• In 1974 the Indian Claims Court said the
Sioux had not been properly paid for the
loss of the Black Hills.
• In 1980, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed
and awarded the Sioux $ 106 million for
the land.
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