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Exploration and
Preview Activity
Groups of students
Students walked around
claiming furniture with
sticky notes
One group started before
the rest
Other groups rushed to
catch up
First group had 30 sticky
European countries
Explorers claiming land
with flags.
Spain was first with
► Other countries tried to
catch up
► Spain claimed the most
land in the new world
► Identify
the motives behind European
explorations to the Americas
► Describe the differences between Spanish,
French, English, and Dutch settlements in
► Explain how European expansion and
settlement affected Native Americans and
West Africans
Word Wall Words
► Priests
► Conquistador
► Trapper
► Slavery
► Mission
► Plantation
► Presidio
► Columbian
► Pueblo
► Colony
► New World
► Explorers
People to Know
► Cartier
► Pocahontas
► Cabot
► John
► Hudson
► Rolfe
► Coronado
► Joliet
► Cortes
► Marquette
► Pizarro
► DeLeon
► Columbus
► La
► Minuit
► Stuyvesant
► Raleigh
► Increased
wealth to
pursue arts and
► Mid 1300’s to 1600’s
experienced a rebirth
► Science and
Direct trade with Asia
► Trade
with Africa
► Trade with Asia desirable but expensive
► Italian monopoly
► Marco Polo
► Spread of Christianity
► Technology of the Middle Ages
► From
► Read Marco Polo
► Sail west to get to
► Unknown ocean to the
west (est. 10,000mi)
► Error in calculation
Columbus in Spain
► Ferdinand
and Isabella
► Six year war
► Funded him to compete with Portugal
► “Pearls, precious stones, gold and silver”
► August 3, 1492 set sail with the Nina, Pinta, and
Santa Maria (larger of three)
► Month passed with no sign of land
► October 12, 1492 land was sighted
The first explorations
Bahama’s and Hispaniola
“Indians” but no gold
2 months, La Navidad with 20
Reaction of Europeans
Need to convert and explore
Columbus’s later explorations
► Navidad destroyed
► First to see South America
► Could not grow European crops
► 1502 last voyage with his son
► Shipwrecked and ruined
► Died unnoticed and unsung
How did Spain establish territorial
claims in the Caribbean and South
► Cortes-
► Pizarro-Peru
► Columbus-Caribbean Islands
What was life like in the Spanish
Settlements in the Caribbean and
South America?
► Looking
for gold
► Sugar Plantations
► Need for labor from Native Americans
► Disease killed large numbers of Natives
► Need for laborers from African slave traders
What type of relationship existed between
Spanish and Native Americans living in the
Caribbean and S.Am?
► Harsh treatment from Cortes on the Aztecs
► Pizarro killed the leader of the Incas even
though he gave him the gold he wanted
► Diseases
► Slave labor
► Change
The Conquistadors
is Spanish for conqueror
►Cortes conquers Aztecs
►Impact of disease
►Pizarro conquers the Incas
De Leon, Coronado, Cortes, Pizarro
How did Spain establish territorial
claims in North America?
► Ponce
de Leon discovers Florida in 1513
► Hernando De Soto explores the southeast in
► Coronado is the first European to see the
Grand Canyon in 1540.
► While in search of the Seven Cities of Cibola
but found seven little pueblos
Cabrillo and California
What types of permanent
settlements did the Spanish establish
in North America?
► Pueblo-
towns usually built upon site of
Indian villages
► Missions: established by priests to convert
Indians (S.F., El Paso)
► Presidios: military bases on the frontier (St.
Spanish Mission
What type of relationship existed
between the Spanish and the Native
Americans living in N.Am?
► Pueblo
people learned about new tools, grow
food, raise sheep
► Many converted to Catholicism
► Spanish learned new farming techniques
► Harsh treatment of Native Americans for slave
► Beating of those who did not convert
► Disease, death
► Rebellion
How did France establish territorial
claims in North America?
► Cartier
claimed Canada
► Champlain claimed the trading post of
► Marquette and Joliet explored the
Mississippi River
► Robert La Salle claimed Louisiana
Race for Empires
Cartier explores the St.
Lawrence river in 1534
► Religious civil wars
between French Catholics
and Huguenots
► Quebec founded by
Champlain in 1608
► First permanent settlement
in the new world
► Champlain is the father of
“New France”
What was life like in French
settlements in N.Am?
► Fur
trappers, or coureur de bois, and
missionaries came to New France.
► Colony failed to grow
► Harsh climate
► Best land went to nobility
► Trading of furs
What was the relationship between
the French and Native Americans
living in North America?
► Business
► Friendly
► Huron
close allies
► Enemies with Iroquois
► Diseases killed many
New France
► French
economy relies heavily on the fur
trade in the new world
► Indians trapped and traded with the French
► Blankets, guns, trinkets, pots, and pans
► Grew slowly
► Pierre Marquette and Joliet explore south of
Great lakes in 1673 along the Mississippi
How did English establish territorial
claims in N.America?
► John
Cabot in New Foundland
► Raleigh
► Roanoke
► Jamestown
English settlements
► New
Foundland 1582
► Sir Walter Raleigh attempts to colonize off
the coast of North Carolina in 1585.
► Establishes the colony of Roanoke
► Second attempt in 1585 with 150 men and
Lost Colony of Roanoke
► Spanish
Armada delays supply until 1590
► No settlers found but buildings are standing
► Unsolved mystery
What was life like in Jamestown?
► Difficult
► Swamp
area with disease carrying
► Laziness from settlers
► John Smith took over during the starving
► Native Americans refuse to trade during this
Pocahontas and John Smith
Settlement at Jamestown
► London
Company forms a Joint Stock
company after the failure of Roanoke
► April 26th, 1607, 3 ships and 105 male
colonist sail for America
► Adventurers with little skill, disease, salt
water, lack of supplies, harsh winter
► John Smith takes control
► Smith captured and “saved” by Pocahontas
Powhatan Confederacy
► Algonquian
► Brought food, taught how to plant crops
► Colonist forcefully took supplies from time
to time
► 1609, 400 more settlers came, John Smith
back to England
► Starving time: winter of 1609 to summer of
1610 only 60 of 500 colonist survive
War in Virginia
► John
Rolfe marries Pocahontas, a Powhatan
chiefs daughter
► Colonist surviving on their own without
Powhatan, want more land for tobacco
► 1622, colonist attack and kill Powhatan
► Rolfe is killed in retaliation with 350 other
men, women and children
► War continues for 20 years
How did the Netherlands establish
territorial claims in North America?
► Henry
Hudson in present day New York
state and into Canada
► Peter Minuit buys Manhattan island
What was life like in New
► Fur
► 8,000 people from many nations including
Africans, Europeans, and Jews seeking
religious freedom
► Peter Stuyvesant was the governor
► English drive the Dutch out and rename it
New York
► Capital New Amsterdam
What type of relationship existed
between the Dutch and Native
Americans living in New
► Friendly
with the Iroquois
► Supplied the Iroquois with guns and
weapons to fight the Huron
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