By:Haley Stallings
Block 1
Where The Taiga Is Located
The Taiga is located South of the Tundra.They
can be found in the NorthernAmerica,Europe
and Asia.
Animals Found In The Taiga
The animals that are found in the Taiga are usually the ones who
hibratenate here and that have thick coats to keep them warm
threw the chilly winters.The Animal that I’m most instered in would
be the Bohemain WaxWing It only eats fruits like berries.Which are
very rear to find in the Taiga.Sometimes they fly south to find food
to live.Next is the Moose it lives in the very cold part of Taiga.It is
in the deer family.It is taller then a human which means it is about
9 3/4ft tall.Just because it is a large mammal doesn’t mean that it
is a meat eater,It usually mean eats fruits and small plants.The
lynx it a small mammal that eats other small mammals such as 3
and the Snow Shoe Rabbit that is also located in the Taiga.
The Snowy Plants Of The
The plants and tree in the Taiga are very limited as well.The hardest
season for the plants and tree would have to be the winter cause
that is the longest and hardest season in the taiga.Not many plants
can survive the extreme cold of the Taiga winter.Some tree grow
close together.This gives them protection from the cold and the
freezing temps.The trees branches are shaped like cones and when
the trees braches usually break off.In the Taiga the trees turn over
the branches and the ice slides right down the trunk of the tree.The
braches do not break off.
The Climate Information Found
On The Taiga
In the Taiga it only rains about 30 inches a
year.Because of all of the cold weather it gets
down to 12degress freezing four a month or two.
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The precipitation Information
In the Taiga it rarely changes seasons.about three times
every two months.Because it is in an area where is
hardly rains but when it rains it doesn’t really need it
cause of all the melting snow in the Taiga
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Temperature Information
The temperatures in the Taiga are usually very
cold the other seasons that go by go so fast that
you can barely know that they came.But here are
some of them 65F to 70C .
Taiga Of The World
The Taiga biome stretches across a large portion of
Canada,Europe and Asia,it is the largest biome in the
world.winters are cold.Summers are warm.Lots of
conifers grow here.Taiga is determined by the climate
of the place.The Taiga is the biome of the needle leaf
forest,living in the Taiga is the biome of the needle
leaf forest.Taiga is a cold lonely.You would never want
to live there because you would have to hunt for food
and maybe water cause the food pouplaution in Taiga
is very low.
Where I Found my Information
On the Taiga
I found my Information on the Taiga…..
The Internet
Encyclopedia Volume 19 pg 273
Webster's Dictionary pg 506
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