Neptune - Evan Richards

Neptune is my favourite planet in
the solar system.
• Neptune is the Roman god of the sea.
This is why I chose Neptune to do my
speech on.
• Neptune is the fourth largest planet by
width and third largest by it’s weight.
• Neptune is 17 times larger than Earth and
bigger than it’s near-twin Uranus.
X 17 =
• Neptune was the first planet found by
mathematical prediction. Unexpected
changes in the orbit of Uranus led Alex
Bouvard to think that the gravity of another
planet was pulling Uranus – and that
planet was Neptune.
• Neptune is a big, cold, cloudy, windy
planet. It does not have clouds of water
like we have, it has clouds of gas. It also
has the fastest winds of all planets, it’s
wind travel 2,000km/h.
• A year on Neptune is 60,225 days or 165
Earth years.
• Neptune’s day is 16 hours on Earth.
• Neptune also has 8 moons.
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