Seismograph Network Progress Report

Seismograph Network
(a progress report - April 2009)
Garry Rogers1,2, Bob Meldrum1, Taimi Mulder1,
Richard Baldwin1 & Andreas Rosenberger1
Camille Brillon2
Survey of Canada, 2University of Victoria
2009 - NEPTUNE Canada
Broadband Seismic Observatory (3)
Guralp Systems successful bidder
Broadband seismometer
Strong motion accelerometer
Spherical titanium case
Buried beneath the sea floor
Nearby differential pressure gauge, current
meter and hydrophone ( for 2010)
Backup battery for power outages (for 2010)
Current recording and archiving of
broadband seismic data
• Data received and distributed by an
ANTELOPE system behind military firewall
• Data is being archived temporarily at PGC
• Seismometer masses not yet centred and
instruments not yet calibrated (soon).
• Hi frequency data flow is subject to military
screening (~14% diverted since
• Military diversion for testing Sep - Nov
2010 - 4th NEPTUNE Canada
Broadband Seismic Observatory
Partnership: University of Washington, IRIS,
Guralp Systems will refurbish UW OBS to be
identical to NEPTUNE Canada design
Occupy same vault as UW installation
2010 - NEPTUNE Canada
Short Period Ob (4)
• GEOSENSE feedback seismometer (1hz)
on long term loan from MBARI
• Same Guralp digitizer
• Battery backup
• Deployed in corehole in basalt or in
concrete monument on sediment.
NEPTUNE Canada and the Military
• Low frequency data from broadband instruments
will flow all the time
• High frequency seismic data from all
seismometers may be embargoed at certain
times (0.8Hz)
• Tests were conducted after deployment to
determine embargo criteria (Sep.-Nov.)
• Once set up, automatically picked phases and
hypocenters from ridge events will flow all the
Data flow from NEPTUNE Canada
seismographs (2010)
Once calibrated, seismic data will be archived at
IRIS the Geological Survey of Canada.
Associated data: hydrophone, current meter,
pressure gauge will be archived at NEPTUNE
Automatic earthquake solutions from the ridge will
be sent in real time to NEPTUNE Canada and
the Geological Survey of Canada.
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