The Race to Explore North America – page 35

The Race to Explore North
America – page 35
2. What did Spanish Explorers
search for?
Native American civilizations as rich
as the ones they found in Mexico and
1. What did England and France
search for?
England and France
searched for the
“Northwest Passage”
*Although the Northwest Passage
doesn’t exist, explorers looked for it
for centuries. President Jefferson
ordered Lewis and Clark to find it
when they explored the Louisiana
Purchase in 1803!
Television series from the 1950s ----
3. What angered Spain?
The Spanish were angered when
England and France made land claims
in North America.
Spain had claimed all
they grey areas and
Portugal the lighter ones
in the Treaty of
Tordesillas in 1494 ---
4. What kind of tension was
there in Europe between Spain,
England and France?
conflicts were a
source of tension
between Spain,
England and
*Spain was Catholic and England had
replaced the Catholic Church with the
“Church of England” under King
Henry VIII.
5. What did these conflicts lead to?
These conflicts led to fighting in
North America.
soldiers killed
each and every
French soldier
at Fort
Caroline in
Florida in 1568
6. What became one of the
battlegrounds between the
Spanish and the French?
 Florida
7. What did the Spanish do
when they found French
settlers at Fort Caroline?
The Spanish massacred the French
Primary source: The
Spanish attack the
French settlement at
Fort Caroline -----
Spain and England Clash
1. What else besides religious
differences led to conflict
between Spain and England?
English piracy against Spanish trade
2. List two reasons why Queen
Elizabeth fought?
Queen Elizabeth fought to defend
England and to challenge Spain’s
power at sea.
Spain = Catholic
During the 1500’s this was like cats
and dogs!
3. What were the “daring
English sailors” known as?
 They
known as
4. What did the Sea Dogs use
to attack the big Spanish ships?
The English used small ships called
“privateers” to to attack the Spanish
Privateers were small but fast
private ships that attacked
Spanish ships with Queen
Elizabeth’s blessings…kind of
like pirates with permission.
“Sea dogs” was a name for the
more famous privateers.
5. What were the bulky Spanish
ships called?
The Spanish ships were called
7. What did Francis Drake do?
Francis Drake
raided Spanish
ports in South
Francis Drake was
made a Knight by
Queen Elizabeth
for this. That’s
why he was called
6. Who was the first English
Sea Dog to sail around the
Sir Francis Drake
8. What did the Spanish King
do in the summer of 1588?
The Spanish King sent a large fleet of
Spanish warships called the Spanish
Armada to:
Conquer England
Make England be Catholic again
9. List two important effects
of England’s victory over
England remained Protestant
The world saw that Spain could be
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