Eyebrow shaping trt File

Eye brow shaping
 wash hands
 ensure all equipment to
 remove eye makeup
 cleanse brow with
antiseptic lotion
 Optional - open hair
follicles by using a
warm cotton pad
 stretch skin with 2
 consult client at all
 smooth finished
eyebrow with a
soothing lotion
 aftercare/homecare
 complete records
Eyebrow shaping
 Three points to measure – corner of nose, corner of
eye, centre of pupil (show diagram)
Rec. time between treatments
Automatic tweezers – remove bulk
Eyebrow shape for close set eyes - further out from
the centre of the face than the inner corner of the
Soothing lotion – use on pad, do not soak, ensure eyes
closed, prevent product entering eye, blot with tissue
Maintenance between treatments – no heat , no makeup, don’t touch, moisturise
Remove hairs in direction of hair growth
What you will need
 Tweezers – placed in barbicide
 Orange stick
 Damp cotton pads
 Witch hazel
 Tissues
 Small towels x 2
 Couch roll x 1 (split in two)
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