Komodo Dragons

The Komodo Dragon
This PowerPoint is all
about how the Komodo
Dragon has adapted to
its habitat. You will find
some interesting and
shocking facts that will
make your eyes pop out
Deadly saliva
A Komodo Dragon’s beastly diet includes deer, wild boar, goats and
other large mammals! Komodo Dragons will wait for hours on end for a
meal to pass by and when one does pass by they will ambush them by
charging at them with their deadly jaws wide open.
Frightening fact:
Komodo Dragons
sometimes eat their
Deadly Saliva
• The Komodo Dragon has a deadly weapon... poisonous saliva!
This monstrous saliva sends a Komodo Dragon’s prey to a slow
and painful death. First of all the Komodo Dragon bites the leg
of its prey, injecting poison. Then follows the unfortunate
victim until it dies. Afterwards the Komodo Dragon feasts on
the dead carcass.
Revolting fact:
After a meal a
Komodo Dragon
lies down in a sunny
spot and
regurgitates a pile
of horns, fur and
• The Komodo Dragon is only found in Indonesia. The
island that the Komodo Dragon lives on dries up
completely between March and November but the
Komodo Dragon is able to go for long periods
without water.
A Komodo Dragon can smell its prey from up to four
kilometres away! It doesn’t actually smell with its nose,
it smells with its tongue and Jacobson’s organ. It works
like this, the tongue picks up the smell and the
Jacobson's organ analyses it.
The End
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