Dragons Of Skyrim

By Nels Schmidt
History of Dragons
Dragons have long been thought to be gone thought only of as a myth a
children's tale. Many years ago man and dragon lived together always
attacking each others habitats. Until there was a man born half man half
dragon, with the form of a man but the power of a powerful dragon. With
each dragon he killed he grew stronger until he finally destroyed the last of
the dragons. Or so every one thought.
Dragon Looks
New Dawn of Dragons
The Ancients didn’t destroy the last dragon but instead sent him forward in
time to modern day in hopes we would be able to stop him but he has
produced many more dragons and we are now being over run. Our hope is
one man said to be a dragon born who must hunt the head dragon and
destroy him for good.
Number of Dragons
Dragons (100)
Recap of a Dragon Battle
Reason for Battle Tactic
If ever faced with fighting a Dragon alone you should always run as dragons
are much more powerful than any single person. The best way to attack a
dragon is with 3+ people so you can confuse it by attacking and hiding thus
making it seem like there are many places that the dragon is being attacked
How to Expel the Dragon Scourge
With the Dragon born now found we must use their power to defeat the
head dragon and we must assist in any way possible.
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