We were warned about the bees and
to away from the ____ in the park.
a) contain
b) hives
c) retreats
d) architects
hives – plural noun – boxes or
houses for bees to live in
A tigress ______ when it realizes it
is outnumbered.
a) hives
b) retreats
c) architects
d) shallow
retreats – verb – goes back
or withdraws as from
A group of _______ showed up at the
empty lot and began planning the
building they wanted to make there.
a) architects
b) shallow
c) structures
d) shelter
architects – plural noun –
people who design buildings
and supervise their
All the young children were playing in
the _____ part of the pool.
a) structures
b) shelter
c) shallow
d) contain
shallow –
– not deep
From so far away, the _______ on
the horizon were hard to make out.
a) retreats
b) architects
c) shallow
d) structures
structures – plural noun –
things that are built, such
as buildings
Once it began to rain, the group
immediately looked for _____.
a) shelters
b) structures
c) contain
d) hives
shelter – noun – something
that covers or protects
The storage boxes _____ clothes.
a) shelter
b) contain
c) hives
d) retreats
contain –
– to hold
A Susan Ging Lent Production