Women`s Suffrage Organizations

The Women’s Suffrage Movement
National Women Suffrage
Association (NWSA)
-Founded by Elizabeth Cady
Stanton & Susan B. Anthony (1869)
-Criticized Republicans for
Abandoning Women in 15th
-Considered more radical &
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
& Susan B. Anthony
-Fought for not only suffrage, but
also other issues such as divorce,
temperance, revision of property &
inheritance laws, etc.
American Women Suffrage
Association (AWSA)
-Broke with National Women
Suffrage Association in 1869
-Considered less radical &
-Founded by Lucy Stone
-Maintained closer ties to
Republican Party
-Focused mainly on suffrage
rather than other issues
Lucy Stone
Suffrage Organizations
-1890, National American Woman Suffrage Association
-Stanton as President, Anthony as VP, Stone as Chair of
Executive Committee
1913, Alice Paul forms the Congressional Union (CU)
-Breaks away from NAWSA, shifts toward lobbying for national
amendment rather than state by state
1919, League of Women Voters
-Women less united as a voting block, tended to vote along
racial & class lines
1920, 19th Amendment Ratified