My great grandmother`s gourd

The _______ mugs were filled
with hot cocoa and whipped
a) gushed
b) brimming
c) landscape
d) scorching
brimming – adjective – full to
the upper edge of a
The worker’s hands looked as
________ as a tree trunk.
a) progress
b) gnarled
c) gushed
d) brimming
gnarled – adjective – having
many rough, twisted knots
The quiet fountain suddenly
_____, surprising the children.
a) gnarled
b) landscape
c) brimming
d) gushed
gushed – verb – poured out
suddenly and in large
The _______ was filled with
tall trees and green pastures.
a) gushed
b) landscape
c) scorching
d) parched
landscape – noun – the
stretch of land or scenery
viewed from one point or
The ______ land seemed to cry
out for rain.
a) scorching
b) parched
c) progress
d) scrawny
parched – adjective – dry and
This century has seen a lot of
_______ in computer science.
a) scrawny
b) progress
c) brimming
d) gnarled
progress – noun – a forward
movement or gradual
The ________ sun dried up all
the plants.
a) landscape
b) scorching
c) parched
d) scrawny
scorching – adjective – causing
intense heat to dry or
burn the surface of
The cat was ________ because
she hadn’t eaten in days.
a) landscape
b) scorching
c) parched
d) scrawny
scrawny – adjective – thin,
bony or skinny
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