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About Turkey
Turkey is a country
which was founded
as a Republican
Regime under the
leadership of Atatürk
in 1923.
– Throughout the history, Turkey has acted as a
host to many civilizations and nations. So you
can see lots of historical places dating back to
Byzantine and Roman times. As well as these
historical places, there are many natural
beauties since Turkey is a country where you
can enjoy all seasons.
• Turkey is a country which is like a bridge
connecting Asia and Europe. Its strategic
significance comes from its geographical
• Turkey’s population is 76 million. It
consists of a cosmopolite structure. The
population of the country is mostly young
and dynamic.
• Its basic source of income are agriculture
livestock ,industry and tourism. It has
owned many cultures since ancient times.
Tourism in Turkey is focused largely
on seaside resorts along its Aegean
and Mediterranean Sea coasts. In
the recent years, Turkey has also
become a popular destination for
culture, spa, and health care
There are a lot of antique sites in Turkey such as
Ephesus, Pergamum, Perge, Troy, Hierapolis,
The capital city of Turkey is
Turkish Cuisine varies
across Turkey. The
cuisines of Aegean,
Marmara and
Mediterranean Regions
are rich in vegetables. In
Black Sea Region, fish
is largely used.
And the cuisine of
southeast is famous for
kebabs, mezes and
Baklava, special to Gaziantep, is a sweet
pastry dessert which is filled with fine-cut
nuts, pistachio or almond and sweetened
with syrup or honey.
İskender is like döner kebab served with yoghurt,
tomato sauce and butter. It is peculiar to Bursa.
Turkish coffee is a
special method of
cooking coffee. It is
boiled in a pot, with
sugar according to
taste and served into
cups with a glass of
water. And all of it is
not drunk. After
drinking, the ground
left can be used for
fortune telling.
Lokum, also known
as Turkish delight, is
a traditional Turkish
İçli köfte can be described as a shell of
bulgur filled with onion, miced meat and
FOLK DANCES have different
characteristics based on region
and location. They are
performed in weddings, while
sending sons to military service
and during religious and
national holidays.
The best known folk
dances are: Horon,
Kasik Oyunu. Kilic
Kalkan, Zeybek.
Hope you enjoyed it..
And wish you find the chance to see and
taste all of them yourself. These are just a
few examples (there’re many more to see
About Marmara Region
The Marmara Region which takes its
name from the Sea of Marmara, is
located in the North-west of Turkey.
• Bosphorus and Dardanelles are in this region.
The region has territories both in Asia and
Europe Continents.
• The region had the highest rate of
population growth in Turkey and it still lets
in immigrants. (14 millions)
• In the Marmara Region which is the
industrial center of Turkey with the line of
İstanbul-Bursa-İzmit, tourism is also a
significant source of income besides
industry and trade.
most populated city in
Turkey. It is the 3rd
largest metropolitan
area in Europe after
London and Moscow.
Our city ;
• It has an important location for being
neighboring city of Istanbul, the
metropolis. It has 3505 square kilometers
area. It’s one of the most must-seen cities
in Turkey.
• It’s population is 1.600.000, but the
national income per individual is highest.
Because it is the most industrialized city in
• Kartepe is one of the
most beautiful and
luxiouruos winter
sports resorts in our
country. It is also an
important place of
mountain tourism.
• Kilim foto
• One of the towns of
Kocaeli is Hereke.The
best Turkish carpets
are produced there.
The artistic carpets
of Ottoman palaces
were woven here only
for the sultans.
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