Options for Video Streaming

Options for Video Streaming
Understanding and applying the
technology to volleyball
How does live streaming work?
• A camera sends a video signal to a computer
(usually a laptop).
How does live streaming work?
• The computer “encodes” the video signal into a
smaller, more easily transmitted file.
– Normal video is 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames/sec.
How does live streaming work?
• Streamed video is usually reduced to at least
half size and half the frame rate (320x240 at
This would be a quarter TV screen and look a little jumpy but is pretty darn good
for streaming (webcasting).
How does live streaming work?
• As the computer shrinks the file, it is sent over the internet to a
streaming server.
• A streaming server is a powerful computer with lots of internet
– You could only get about a dozen viewers on your typical high-speed
cable modem.
How does live streaming work?
• The streaming server re-broadcasts the feed to
users who are viewing on the internet.
How does live streaming work?
• The server can even offer several different sizes
that require different amounts of bandwidth.
128K small, can be a little shaky/jumpy least expensive.
256K A little larger, smoother.
375K Even larger, smoother.
512K Looks pretty good. Large. Most expensive.
Live streaming shopping list
• A video camera
– Almost any kind will do as long as
there is a way to send the signal
from the camera into the laptop.
– The most typical signal is firewire.
Most modern video cameras have
a firewire port. Sony calls it iLink.
Live streaming shopping list
• A computer to capture
the video signal and
send it to the streaming
– Usually a laptop with a
firewire port or you can
get a cheap firewire card.
– Should be relatively new,
powerful enough to resize
the video signal to a
smaller stream quickly.
Live streaming shopping list
• Capture/Streaming software
– Runs on the laptop to compress the video signal and
transmit it to the streaming server.
– Available for Mac & PC.
– Usually low cost.
Try http://all-streaming-media.com
Live streaming shopping list
• A human with a microphone
– Streams are better if there is someone who can
commentate or at least call out the score.
– They can also move/zoom the camera during time
Live streaming shopping list
• High speed internet in the Gym
– Usually wireless.
– Needs to be fast enough (756 KB or more).
Live streaming shopping list
• Local streaming server or Commercial Server
Live streaming shopping list
• Local streaming server
– Campus IT “might” have one or can build one.
– Best option if your school has bandwidth since you
can make it free to viewer and use free software.
– Your IT department needs to have a clue.
Live streaming shopping list
• Commercial server
– Usually charge per viewer or per megabyte
– More simple since they provide all software and
server configurations.
– Not as good for recruiting since payment required.
– Some sites offer free streaming like www.vidiac.com.
• They insert commercials to pay for it. Not verified.
Using YouTube
A free, easy to use method that might be
good enough.
Using YouTube
Register for free account at youtube.com
Allows free 10 minute clips to be uploaded.
Can capture video live or later from camera.
Leverages YouTube’s enormous bandwidth for
Using YouTube
Using YouTube
• Doesn’t stream in real time.
• Clips must be captured or uploaded in 10 minute
• Clips available about 10 minutes after upload.
• Requires a person to start new capture every ten
Using YouTube
• Sample video upload:
• Choose UA Seminar
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