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The Power of Sound
A high-pitched frequency can shatter an ordinary drinking glass.
Such a demonstration shows that loud sounds can produce
substantial reactions.
Sonic Weaponry
Sonic and ultrasonic weapons (USW) are weapons of various types
that use sound to injure, incapacitate, or kill an opponent. Some sonic
weapons are currently in limited use or in research and development
by military and police forces.
Music Therapy
Music therapy interventions are designed to:
» promote wellness
» manage stress
» alleviate pain
» express feelings
» enhance memory
» improve communication
» promote physical rehabilitation.
Everyone can respond to music,no matter how ill or disabled. The unique qualities of
music as therapy can enhance communication, support change, and enable people
to live more resourcefully and creatively.
This involves use of music to address physical,emotional, sensory-motor,
cognitive, & social needs of individuals.
Music therapy provides a unique variety of music experiences in an intentional &
developmentally appropriate manner to effect changes in behavior & facilitate
development of skills
Medical Usage of Sound
» Ultrasonic extraction of lipids and proteins
» Ultrasonography
Sonography Machine
Here is a picture from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan before
prayers were offered
Here is a picture after the reverend Kato conducted a one hour
prayer in front of the dam
This is the water crystal when abuses were chanted.
Picture when Sanskrit prayer word was chanted.
Taken from “The hidden messages in water”
by Dr Masaru Emoto.
Dr Emoto’s work has not yet been put up to full
scientific rigors, but this research definitely points
to more research in this area.
Let us consider the impact of this on our body.
Our body is around 70% water. Let us fill this water
of the body with negative energy by chanting abuses
all day. Our body is full of ugly shaped molecules.
What happens when we chant the holy name?
What if these crystals are symbols of the beautiful
transformation our body is undergoing on our
spiritual path?
It is commonly believed that mantras can carry hidden po
Mantras carry hidden spiritual power, which can produce s
Benefits of
The Holy
Names of
Dr.Herbert Benson, M.D.
is the founding president of the Mind/Body
Medical Institute (M/BMI), and the
Mind/Body Medical Institute Associate
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical
A graduate of Wesleyan University
and the Harvard Medical School,
Dr. Benson is the author or co-author of
more than 175 scientific publications
and 11 books.
Dr. Benson’s Advice for
Stress Reduction and Positive Thinking
According to Dr.Herbert Benson,
the Relaxation Response by a
technique based on Western
relaxation methods, Eastern
meditative practices & certain
type of Prayers consisting of
Four basic elements :
1) a quiet environment
2) a comfortable position
3) repetition of a prayer,
4) a passive attitude free
from thoughts
During meditation, the overall
metabolism of the body slows
markedly. For instance, heart &
breathing rates decrease blood
flow to the muscles stabilizes,
and blood pressure falls
A Clinical Test of the Benefits of
Mantra chanting was performed on 3
groups of 62 subjects, males & females
of average age 25. They chanted the
Hare Krsna Maha Mantra 25 minutes
each day under strict clinical supervision.
Results showed that regular chanting
of the Hare Krsna Maha Mantra reduces
Stress & depression and helps reduce
bad habits & addictions.
These results formed a PhD
Thesis at Florida State University.
Spiritual practitioners claim
many benefits from Mantra
Meditation such as increased
realization of spiritual wisdom,
inner peace and a strong
communion with God and the
spiritual realm. These effects
may be experienced by
following the designated
spiritual path.
Brain Wave Frequency
Hyperactive zone
Active zone
Mantra Meditator in Alpha zone
Relaxed Alert zone
Drowziness zone
Sleepy zone
Mantra Meditation leads to a Relaxed state of Mind with Alertness
Mantra meditation
Deliverer of
• Anxieties
• Fears
• Insecurities
• Tensions
• Ignorance
Mantra meditation
Leads to...
Peace of mind
Steady Intelligence
• Concentration
• Efficiency
Albert Brush Ford
Owner - Ford Motors
“Chanting Hare
Krishna has made
a tremendous
impact in my life.”
N.D. Desai
Leading Indian
(Apar Limited, GE Apar
Lighting, CEMA Tubes, Apar
“I've been chanting
Hare Krishna for
many years, and I've
never found anything
more pleasurable.
Hrishikesh Mafatlal
CEO - Mafatlal Fabrics
“Chanting Hare
Krishna has helped
me face all the ups
and downs in my life
with a great
confidence and
peace of mind.”
Anne Schaufuss
Dutch Model
“Chanting helped me give
up bad habits. It changed
my vision of things.”
Vicki Overton
leading European Model
“By starting to chant Hare
Krishna, I feel
tremendous happiness.”
11 year old Orissa Kelly, who attended Bhaktivedanta Manor's
nursery and gurukula, has won a myriad of gold, silver & bronze
medals and cups in gymnastics.
On 21st July this year (2006) she flew out to Malta to complete
in the International Junior Gymstars Competition.
Representing Great Britain, she won the Gold medal to become
the European under 12's all round champion in the women's
artistic competition.
Competing with gymnasts from 34 European countries,
Orissa was also the overall winner. She took home a grand total of 5 medals for
Great Britain! Now she has her sights set on the London Olympics in 2012,
where she hopes to 'get Gold for Krishna'.
“My outlook towards
life is lot more brighter,
after starting to
associate with Hare
Krishna devotees and
chanting the mahämantra.”
Bruce Klienberg
Army Officer
Marco Ferrini
Italy’s top furniture designer
“Chanting makes me
feel close to God.”
Methods of Chanting Mantra
»Baikhari (Audible) - By chanting a loud which can be heard easily is called "Baikhari"
Advantages of Baikhari Chanting
- Removes thoughts
- Easy conceptualization of thoughts
- Makes meditation easy
Upanshu (whispering) - Chanting of mantra in low voice,or just whispering so that only
practitioner can understand is called "Upanshu" Chanting.
Advantages of "Upanshu"
- Long duration chanting (8 to 10 hours)
- Purposeful Mantra repetition (Eg: for wealth, health,land acquisition, happiness etc.)
- Destiny Errors can be corrected with this type of chanting
»Manasik (Mental) - without chanting a loud or whispering,mantra is repeated in mind,
this type of mantra chanting is difficult and can be learnt only with practice.
Advantages of Mental Chanting
- Subtle form of chanting
- Commonly used by advance practitioners
- Leads to higher states of awareness
Away from stress and
experience eternal blis
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