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Deep Yagna Procedure
Chant Gayatri Mantra collectively 3 times.
(Invoke Guru – spiritual teacher - for guidance in conducting the Deep Yagna)
This is done to purify our thoughts, emotions and actions.
Sit erect. Keep both hands in your lap. Close your eyes.
(When the prayers are spoken, one person should sprinkle holy water on the gathering.)
Repeat the prayers after me and feel that purity is showering on you.
The body is being cleansed
The mind is being cleansed
The heart is being cleansed
Character is being ennobled
Thoughts are being ennobled
Sentiments are being ennobled
Fold your hands and contemplate on the Sanskrit Mantra.
Feel that you have become pure. Fold you hands and repeat the prayers after me.
May sanctity lead us to righteous path
May sanctity provide magnificence to us
May sanctity provide peace to us
Fold your hands and contemplate on the Sanskrit Mantra.
This is done to acquire vital energy from Sun (Savita).
Sit erect. Keep both hands in your lap. Close your eyes.
Imagine that thick white clouds filled with vital energy are present around us.
Repeat the prayer after me.
Oh Lord! Remove all evils from us, fill us with excellence.
Fold your hands and contemplate on the Sanskrit Mantra.
Deep Yagna Procedure
Now, we will do one Pranayam. Inhale gradually through both the nostrils. Retain the
breath inside for some time. Exhale slowly and remain without breath for a while.
. the following:
While doing Pranayam, feel
Our body is absorbing vital energy from Sun (Savita), it is becoming vibrant.
Our mind is absorbing
the brilliance of Sun (Savita), it is becoming brilliant.
Our heart is absorbing the warmth of Sun (Savita), it is becoming compassionate.
We have been illuminated both internally and externally.
Tilak is applied on the forehead for attaining virtues of calmness, coolness, brilliance and
divine dignity.
Sit erect. Take sandalwood paste at the tip of the ring finger. Keep the finger in front of the
eyes and fix your eyes steadily on it. Pray that divine powers may refine our mind.
Repeat the following prayers after me.
Our mind may be peaceful
Our mind may not get perturbed
Our head may remain high
We may always be guided by wisdom and foresight
Contemplate on the Sanskrit Mantras.
Chant Gayatri Mantra and apply the sandalwood paste on each other’s forehead with a
feeling of reverence.
A sacred thread (Sankalpa Sutra)
. is tied on the hand to take the following pledges:
We will sit near God daily, that is, contemplate on divine virtues
We will mould our life in accordance with divine principles
We will do selfless service through time donation and resource donation
These pledges will lead to the Holistic Development of our Personality.
Deep Yagna Procedure
Sit erect. Take the sacred thread in the left hand and cover it with right hand.
Repeat the prayers after me.
We accept the discipline of God
We shall adopt the righteous conduct
We shall not do what is unrighteous
Contemplate on the Sanskrit Mantras.
Touch the sacred thread to the forehead, and tie it in the right hand of each other, while
chanting Gayatri Mantra. For married women, the sacred thread will be tied in the left
am (Kalasa Pujnam)
 – pot of water kept on the altar - to the participants)
(Show the Kalasa
 (pot carrying water), is the symbol of cosmos. All divine powers are visualized in
 The sacred water inside the Kalasa
 symbolizes Faith.
the Kalasa.
(Tell a representative to take sandalwood paste, flowers and rice in the right hand, go to
the altar and offer it to the Kalasa)
Fold your hands. Repeat the prayer after me.---Oh God! Deepen and strengthen our faith
and devotion. Enhance our dedication for sacred deeds. May we, persons of different
temperaments and different qualifications, unite to perform all holy rituals and virtuous
deeds. Pray silently in your mind while I chant the Sanskrit Mantra.
Deep Yagna Procedure
In Guru Vandana we invoke and pay reverence to the Guru (spiritual guide), who shows us
the righteous path. We pray to the Guru for guidance and inspiration.
(Tell a representative to take sandalwood paste, flowers and rice in the right hand and
offer it on the altar)
Fold your hands. Repeat the prayer after me.
Oh! Most kind hearted spiritual teacher, induce the feeling of your gracious presence all
over. Help and inspire us in traversing the righteous path and deter us from going astray.
Pray to the spiritual teacher in your mind.
Naman means salutation. Dev Namaskar is an expression of our reverence and devotion
towards divine forces.
Fold your hands. Bow down while uttering Namah every time. Pray that divine powers
may continue to show us righteous path and assist in our spiritual growth.
Contemplate on divine forces and pray silently in your mind.
Deep Yagna Procedure
This is the process of adoration of the divine forces. Five symbolic offerings are made to
the divine forces, which depict five capabilities.
(Tell a representative to make offerings in a plate)
Sit erect. Fold your hands. Repeat the prayers after me.
incense stick and lamp.
sweet. Accept it.
Listen to the Sanskrit Mantra and feel that you are yourself making offerings.
(water / sandalwood paste and rice)
(flower / incense stick / lamp /
Deep Yagna Procedure
Salute with folded hands.
Invoking the fire by lighting the lamps.
Sit erect, fold your hands and repeat the prayer after me.
Light the lamps and incense sticks while the Mantra is being chanted.
This is the prayer of the Sun (Savita), the deity of Gayatri Mantra.
Listen to the prayer while the lamps are being lighted. Pray that our thoughts, feelings and
emotions are being purified.
Deep Yagna Procedure
Deep Yagna Procedure
11. Gayatri Mantrahutih.
Sit erect. Keep your hands folded. Chant Gayatri Mantra collectively. Gayatri Mantra
provides righteous wisdom.
Jai Mahakal Dhoon
( Text is to be included-Optional):
Chant Mahamrityunjaya
Mantra collectively for physical and mental well being of all.
idam mahamrityunjayaya
idam na mama
12. Devadaksina
. . Purnahutih
(Finishing the yagya and taking a pledge)
Take a pledge in your mind to give up one evil trait rooted in life, and take up one virtuous
practice. The divine forces will help you in fulfilling this pledge.
13. Nirajanam Arati
Pragya Song- Chalo Kare Swagat Arati Jala Kar (Optional_ text to be provided)
Arati is a humble emotional prayer to God. (Tell one representative to keep a lighted lamp
in a plate and sprinkle water three times around it.)
Everyone, please stand up. Fold your hands. Do Arati one by one while the Sanskrit Arati
is being chanted.
(tell the representative to again sprinkle water three times around the Arati and then take
it to everyone so that they can take blessings from it.)
Arati of Maa Gayatri (Optional_ text to be provided)
Deep Yagna Procedure
14. Resolution for Creating a New World Order
(It is recommended that this resolution should be read once daily.)
Please repeat the following resolution after me.
Deep Yagna Procedure
Deep Yagna Procedure
15. Santi
Prayer for peace in the entire world.
 on all the participants while
(Tell a representative to sprinkle the water kept in the Kalasa
the Mantra is being chanted.)
Please sit down. Sit erect. Fold your hands. Close your eyes. Listen to the Mantra. When
 is sprinkled on you, feel that you are getting divine blessings.
the water from the Kalasa
16. Visarjanam
We express our gratitude to the divine forces and give them a reverential send off. We
pray for their cooperation and support again and again.
(Tell a representative to stand up, take rice in the left hand, and sprinkle it on the havan
kunda and the altar slowly with right hand.)
Please stand up and give a reverential send off to the divine forces.
17. Jai Ghos. - Slogans
4. 21st Century – Bright Future
Deep Yagna Procedure
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