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Alejandro Sanz
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¿Quién es Alejandro Sanz?
• Alejandro Sanz is a popular
singer/songwriter and musician. His
birth name is Alejandro SánchezPizarro. The singer is noted for
his flamenco-influenced ballads, but he
has also experimented with rock, salsa,
and hip hop. He released his debut
album at age sixteen.
¿Dónde nació Alejandro Sanz?
•He was born in Madrid, Spain, on
December 18, 1968, the youngest
son of María Pizarro and Jesús
•Alejandro Sanz grew up in the highcrime neighborhood of Moratalaz in
eastern Madrid. He recalls that
"Back then, kids grew up on the
street...I was a bit like the group
troubadour; the one who played the
guitar and sang. That kept me out of
a lot of trouble.”
¿Es muy popular Alejandro Sanz en la
comunidad latina?
• Sanz has won a total of fifteen Latin
Grammy Awards and three Grammy
Awards. He has won the Latin Grammy
for Album of the Year three times, more
than any other latin artist.
¿Qué es la canción mas recien de Sanz?
• Sanz’s most recent song is …………….
“No Me Compares" (Don't Compare
Me) It was released as the
first single from his ninth studio
album La Música No Se Toca (2012) and
based on the opening theme song in the
telenovela Amores verdaderos
¿ Acerca de qué es la canción, “No Me Comapres?”
• “No Me Compares” is a romantic song about
alejandro, telling his love how he feels about
her. At the beginning of the chorus he sings "
Vengo del aire, Que te secaba a ti la piel, mi
amor ". It means " I came from air that dried
your skin, my love, ". Also at the end of the
second chorus he finishes the main part of the
song by singing " Yo soy tu alma, Tú eres mi aire
". It means " I'm your soul, You're my air ".
¿Acerca de qué es el video, No Me Compares?
• The “No Me Compares” video portrays
Alejandro's memories from the past washing
up along the shore beach. It begins with
displaying small objects pertinent to his life
and gradually progressing to larger ones.
During this time he's gets flashbacks of his
childhood and a lost love. At the end of the
video, as it is the end of the song, he reunites
with his lost love.
El video, “No me compares,” por Alejandro Sanz.
¿Cuándo empezó Sanz su interes en la música?
• Sanz's father, a door-to-door book
salesman, played guitar professionally,
which inspired seven-year-old Sanz to learn
to play the instrument. At an early age Sanz
musical style was influenced by his
flamenco roots. He played the guitar with
such passion that one morning his
frustrated mother broke his guitar after he
had strummed it all night and kept his
family from sleeping.
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