Uth Skin Creme

(codename before release on 11/8/13)
Feed Your
Face and a
Child… at Skin
the same
Uth Crème
Advanced Skin Matrix
Uth Crème Results...
What is Uth Crème?
- This revolutionary
rejuvenation crème is
formulated to reduce the
appearance of the
“7 signs of aging skin”
- Totally unique timereleased transdermal
delivery system
is infused with youth
inducing microspheres
What Makes Uth Crème Unique?
– Complex sugar structures called Glycans
cover all of our cells and provide the
network that allows them to
communicate their every need. .. Repair,
Cleanse, Rebuild, Rejuvenate
– Through this amazing science we have
unlocked the knowledge of why our skin
loses it youthfulness and more
importantly… how to restore it
– This technology allows active
ingredients to retain the efficacy desired
for optimal skin rejuvenation
– Our youth inducing microspheres send
signals to the collagen and elastin skin
cells to produce new cells…
reflecting a more youthful appearance
Who is it for?
– It was created for anyone wishing
to have a more youthful
– Suitable for women and men
– Effective for all skin types and
Key Ingredients and Benefits
Manapol® Aloe Extract–
–By stimulating the communication
between skin cells it appears to reverse
the signs of aging skin
Crocus Chryanthus Bulb Extract
– Can help reverse the signs of aging skin
by stimulating the communication
between skin cells
–Assists in collagen and elastin
–Helps to stimulate natural growth
factors of the skin
–Appears to renew the skin’s resiliency
and firmness
–Helps to rejuvenate skin texture
Key Ingredients and Benefits
Ergothioneine (thiotaine)…
– Resembles carnitine and reacts
similarly. It is a carrier of fatty acids.
–Thiotaine increases fatty acids,
allowing a higher efficiency of oxygen
metabolism, therefore increasing the
(energy) level in the cells.
Hydrolyzed viola tricolor extract…
–Rich in oligosaccharides from wild
pansy and stimulates the synthesis of
aquaporins, thereby favoring the
circulation of water from the dermis
towards the epidermis.
Key Ingredients and Benefits
– derived from microscopic green
algae in Kona, Hawaii (naturally gives
the product a peach color). A
powerful antioxidant that defends the
skin from the aging process.
–reduces puffiness and erythema by
suppressing the inflammatory
Sodium hyaluronic acid (hyalusphere)
–can hold up to 1000 times it weight in
–with Microsphere patented
technology it becomes a time-released
delivery system for long lasting results
What Causes Our Skin To Age?
• Genetics
• Inflammation the major
• Environmental elements –
pollution, sun and extreme
weather conditions.
• Smoking
• Excessive alcohol usage
What Causes Our Skin To Age?
– Using ineffective skin care products
– Not following a healthy diet
– Not taking real food supplements
– Not drinking enough purified water
7 Signs Of Aging Corrected
– Skin Dullness & Drynessss
– Fine Lines and Wrinkles
– Loss of Elasticity
– Uneven Skin Tone
– Loss of Radiance and Luminosity
– Dark Age Spots
– Enlarged Pore Size
Different Types Of Skin
• Normal
• Dry
• Oily
• Combination
Uth Crème Skin Matrix Rejuvenation
is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES!
The Fitzpatrick Scale I-IV
The Fitzpatrick Scale refers to
skin tone and color.
- Skin Type I – Pale white,
always burns, never tans.
- Skin Type II – White skin,
always burns easily, tans
- Skin Type III – Light brown
skin, burns moderately,
tans uniformly.
The Fitzpatrick Scale I-IV
– Skin Type IV –
Moderate brown
skin, burns
minimally, always
tans well.
– Skin Type V – Dark
brown skin, rarely
burns, tans
– Skin Type VI – Dark
to black skin, never
Uth Crème Skin Matrix Rejuvenation
can be used on ALL SKIN TYPES & SKIN TONES.
Maintaining A Healthy Appearance?
- Consistency – On clean skin
use Skin Matrix Rejuvenation
Crème TWICE a day morning
and night.
- Attitude – Display and
embrace a POSITIVE attitude
daily. Surround yourself with
people that have a positive
attitude – stay away from the
negative ones. Both a
ATTITUDE are contagious –
choose to be POSITIVE!
Uth Crème
Maintaining A Healthy Appearance?
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle – Exercise, eat healthy foods,
drink plenty of water, and include daily real food
supplements. A glowing healthy skin reflects a healthy
Uth Crème
How Do I Introduce Renu Crème ?
1. Use your Uth Crème yourself!
2. Experience positive results! You can’t
introduce anyone to your products until
you believe in them.
3. To be successful… you have to have a
passion, enthusiasm and know beyond a
shadow of doubt this crème will meet
everyone’s expectation.
4. It’s not about selling, it’s about how
you can help solve others problems.
30 ml Antioxidant MOISTURE CREAM
costs up to $75.00
costs up to $65.00
costs up to $130.00
30ml SERUM
costs up to $100.00
costs up to $120.00
costs up to $85.00
A Total Of At Least
A Total Of At
Least $565.00
Why spend this
on several
when ONE crème
will do?!
Uth Crème …
Replaces All Of These Creams!
$139.95 retail
How Do I Help the Children?
Each month you
receive your
Uth Crème
at $99 wholesale
on an auto order…
You generate a
donation of Real
Food Nutrition to
malnourished children
for a month!
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