Social Networking

Social Networking & Media
All Florida PETS 2010
March 4-6, 2010
Orlando, Florida
Todd Dayton, DGN
District 6990
What is Social Networking &
• The interaction between a group of people who
share a common interest; Using social contacts
to network; Using internet's network groups
• A phenomenon that has recently taken over the
web, allowing more connectivity and interaction
between web user
• Social networking-new means of communicating
and sharing information between two or more
individuals on an online community.
What is Social Networking &
• Online, two-way communications that allows for
heightened participation and engagement
• Or as many organizations see it…
What Social Media Offer?
• A fundamental shift in communication
• A true feedback loop
– A real conversation
– Free focus groups for all!
• The chance to reach and find new supporters
• Ability to illustrate a core understanding of the
issues, trends and needs of supporters
• A chance for influencers and advocates to
evangelize for your cause
Sharing Points
History of Social Networking &
• Started out as Bulletin Boards in 1978
• The creation of the internet outside academia in
the mid 1980’s lead to BBS, Geocities, Xoom
• 1997 AOL released Instant Messenger and
“instant” took on a whole new meaning!
Interim Steps to today
• based on six degrees of
separation was an early riser in true networking
online. However, it never caught on in
mainstream 1997- 2001
• 2003 took the phenomenon with younger
generation to a new level. We were no longer
users but now we were “friends”…now adults
wanted more friends!!
Where is
it Today?
The Social Networks & Medias of
Sites you must be on for complete Happiness!!
Categories of Media
How does Social Networking &
Media impact you?
Personal Usage
Corporate Message
Event awareness
Increased membership/awareness
Worldwide reach
Digital Information Revolution
– In years to come many things will no longer be
available in Printed Formats:
Airline Tickets
Boarding Passes
Text Books
The way you receive materials at PETS has changed
dramatically in just a few years (USB Drives, Portable Hard
Drives, Email and other electronic media)
Social Media in company or organization
Social Media is all about:
See what people say about your brand/product
Create a “Buzz” around your product
Engage in conversations
Why Care?
Interesting FACT!
What’s in the Social Media
• Blogs
Provides human voice; forum for feedback
• Social Networks
Sharing of personal interests; activity feed
• Communities
Focused environment; like-minded users
• Micro-blogs
Sharing of links, news; collaborative, real-time discussion
• Video & Photo sharing
Compelling, powerful multimedia; easy to share, embed;
creative ways
Rotary in the Social
Networking & Media
Rotary in the Social Networking &
• Why?
– Rotarians around the world are becoming more and
more techno friendly this combined with environmental
concerns of paper usage vs digital media will continue
to drive more online collaboration and information.
– Connecting 1.2 million Rotarians of the world or even
2000 Rotarians in a district is NOT possible without
some format of electronic media.
– Connecting the 500 + people of PETS for information,
homework, materials, registration etc., heavily relied on
digital media and Social Networking
Rotary Global Networking Groups
Rotary Global Networking
Rotary International Fellowships
64+ Recreational and Vocational
Enjoy fellowship sharing
common interests
Examples – Flying, Skiing,
Scouting, Computers
Rotary Action Groups (RAG’s)
16+ Action Groups
Enjoy fellowship supporting
common interest
Examples – Prevent Blindness,
Disaster Relief
Rotary on the Internet
•Rotary International website
• All about Rotary and current news events
• Search to find where clubs meet
• Fellowships
• ICUFR ‐ Fellowship of computer users
• ROTI ‐ Fellowship of Rotarians on Internet
• ROSNF ‐ Fellowship of Rotarians on SN’s
Rotary on Social Networks
What are the most popular social networks
• Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter
• What can you do on a social network
• Why are social networks growing so fast
• Rotary International on Social Networks
• RI Facebook page – 26,000+ fans
• RI LinkedIn discussion group – 4,000+
Different Social Networks
• – 200 million users – for business networking – for sharing videos – for bloggers and followers
Started at Harvard for college students
Now open to everyone
Now has over 200 million active users
Growing at over 1 million users a month
Over 100 million users login once a day
Average user has 120 friends
What you can do on Facebook
Find friends by name or email
View and share information with friends
Post public messages on “Wall”
Send private messages
Upload pictures, videos, links
Stay in touch with friends in family, work, school, Rotary
Average Facebook user has 120 friends
Join pages, groups, and/or causes of interest
Become fan, member, or supporter of your favorite interests
Post messages on “Wall” or group discussion topics
Find Facebook applications to do things of interest
Track travel by city around the world
Instant message and voice chat services such as Skype
Facebook Rotary Pages
Only ONE Official Page!!!!
District Pages (note the name!)
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Discussions
100,000,000 videos on YouTube
At the very least….
You should have Google Alerts and Tweetbeep notifications
or an RSS feed from Twitter Search for your brand name.
Listen first. Find out where your
audience is most active already.
Then join the conversation.
Start with Twitter.
Why the focus on Twitter?
Twitter is the most real-time account
you have of what people are saying
about you.
Ahhh! TMI! Now what?!
Jumping in the Bandwagon!
Remember the 3 H’s: Human, Honest, Helpful
Ask other people what they think
Be open to feedback (yes, even the negative)
Sincerity is of the utmost importance
Make it about the people participating, not you
Talk with, not at, people
Treat everyone as an equal
Hone in on key skills of
Steps to BEGIN….
• Initial Steps
– Establish YOU on the Social Media Network
• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
– Establish YOUR Club on Facebook and LinkedIn
• Rotary Club of SouthPoint
– Establish YOUR District on Facebook and LinkedIn
• Rotary International District 6930
Before you go there……
Before you go rushing off to open the club
Facebook page or District page on LinkedIn
• Important points
– Collaborative effort you are setting the tone for your
club/district not for you!
– Determine the message you are trying to bring to the
social media market
– Understand the permissions, the access, the
monitoring of the information being posted and
distributed. Is it on message? Is it appropriate?
• This is not your personal home page
• Effective pages for organizations provide value to
the readers/visitors/future rotarians not just a
sounding board of the members
• The world will not stop because you activate your
page in April rather than March and it will make
the difference for result
Become Familiar with these
during the planning process
Internet sites
Rotary connections to all of the above
Other Districts on social pages
Other Clubs on social pages
Special Thanks
• Don Higgins Rotarians on the Internet Fellowship,
District 6950
• Carie Lewis, Convio Summitt
• David Sim, Social Media Network
Bloggers of the world!
Follow up
• A digital copy will be made available via email
distribution not hard copy
• [email protected]
• 954-830-0979 Cell
• Todd Dayton, DGN District 6990
• Todd.Dayton1 Skype
• ToddDayton Twitter
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