How to Send e-mail

What are we going to review ?
 How to Send e-mail ?
 How to use Web Server ?
Web Server
Enhanced Vision controllers can host web pages.
The controller must comprise a TCP/IP port, and must be
connected to an Ethernet network.
If the controller contains web pages,
a remote user can enter the
IP address of the controller into a
web browser and view the pages.
Only One Net in the Ladder
Selecting HTTP sets the local port to 80 and the controller to slave .
Web Server Configuration
 Click the Web Server Configuration icon on the VisiLogic
toolbar to open the utility.
 Click in the Web Page Name field and type in a page name.
Alarms & Warnings
Configure Alarm colors for register values by
clicking in the Alarms & Warnings column .
Web Page
Home Page –
Web Page
Web Page
Web Page Capacity
V570 and V350 series is 128k.
V130 series is 64K.
requirements of your pages by checking
Pages>Calculate Memory Allocation.
Lets Open
VisiLogic application
Thank You
Send E-Mail
This function is located on the
Com>TCP/IP menu.
 This function enables a controller to send an email in response
to Ladder conditions. In order to send email, the controller must
comprise a TCP/IP port, and must be connected to an Ethernet
network with access to an SMTP or ESMTP server
 The utility is under COM  TCP/IP
How to send e-mail throw the
visilogic ladder ?
Configure Ethernet in your application by building a net
that comprises the following elements:
Establish Ethernet Connection using the
Com>TCP/IP>TCP/IP Connect Socket function.
The function must be configured to your mail server IP,
and to Port 25, which is the outgoing messages port .
Send the e-mail using the Com>TCP/IP>Send e-mail function
SB 345 Email Send in Progress to to avoid
communication conflicts
Close the connection and free the socket
How to send e-mail throw the
visilogic ladder ?
Configuring the Send e-mail Function
Fill in the parameters
Applies to all Visions
Lets Open
VisiLogic application
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