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Why Digital Mammography
Why Cogdell Memorial Hospital?
 Cogdell Memorial Hospital delivers the
highest quality patient care available
– Dedicated staff
– Commitment to patient care and comfort
– Comfortable, easily accessible facility
– State-of-the-art technology, including digital
What is Digital Mammography?
What is Digital Mammography?
Digital mammography uses traditional X-ray
generators and tubes to produce an X-ray beam.
This X-ray beam is converted into
digital information which can be
stored electronically, transmitted,
displayed, analyzed and
manipulated in a number of ways.
Digital Mammography
X-ray source
Acquisition computer
Digital detector
Softcopy display
Why Digital Mammography?
 Improved Breast Cancer Detection
– ACRIN DMIST Study Results
• Study funded by National Cancer Institute
• DMIST enrolled nearly 49,500 participants at 33 centers nationwide and in
– Study results show that digital mammography is more
beneficial for women:
• under age 50 (no matter what level of breast tissue density they had)
• of any age with heterogeneously (very dense) or extremely dense breasts
• pre- or peri-menopausal women of any age (defined as women who had a
last menstrual period within 12 months of their mammograms)
ACRIN – American College of Radiology Imaging Network
DMIST – Digital Mammography Imaging Screening Trial
Why Digital Mammography?
 Lower Patient Dose
– Digital mammography delivers 30%-40% lower dose compared to
screen-film and CR mammography
 Enhanced Patient Care
– Elimination of need for technologists to leave exam room to
process films provides uninterrupted patient contact
– Needle localizations can be completed in an average
of 12 minutes
 Elimination of Lost Films
– Redundant storage of digital exams eliminates possibility
of lost images
 Reduced Recalls
– Due to clearer images and improved reviewing tools
Softcopy Review Advantages
 Digital Images Are Reviewed on High
Resolution Monitors, For Optimal Viewing
 Softcopy Review Allows the Radiologist To:
– Zoom in and magnify areas of interest
– Adjust contrast and brightness for better
visualization of fine details
– Display digital images from prior studies
– Arrange images on screen for best
comparison positioning
– Use measuring tools
– Make and store annotations
Digital Magnification
Why Cogdell Radiology?
We chose the digital mammography
system that delivers:
– Best image quality in the industry
– Optimal resolution and field of view
– Lower patient dose with no
compromise in image quality
– Emphasis on patient comfort
Image is Everything………..
especially in mammography
 Mammography requires images of the highest resolution and
contrast for the detection of cancer at the earliest stages
 Our digital mammography system provides the latest
technological advances available to ensure superb image quality
– Direct capture digital detector completely eliminates the imagedegrading effects of light diffusion, for preservation of image
– Exclusive High Transmission Cellular Grid reduces radiation
scatter in two directions and enables 70% - 80% transmission
of primary beam, compared to conventional grids that
provide only 50% transmission
Focus on Patient Comfort
 Tilting paddles automatically
conforms to the natural contours
of the breast, for more uniform
and comfortable compression
 Slim tubehead and recessed face
shield for easier positioning
MammoPad® Breast Cushion…….
for a softer, warmer mammogram
Minimizes discomfort, one of the most
often reported barriers to compliance
Patient Satisfaction
Softness reduces discomfort
from compression
Warms the compression
surfaces for skin comfort
Reduces discomfort by 50%
in 3 out of 4 women*
Grip like effect aids in patient
*Markle study. Comfort and compression.
SBI 2001, The Breast Journal 2004.
Encourage Someone
You Love To Have Her
Annual Mammogram.
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