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Today’s Headlines
Phoenix Afternoon Express
Noontime Financial News
Global News Live
News on the Hour
Phoenix Focus
The Asian Journal
Weather Forecast
Phoenix Midnight News
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The World This Week
Weekend Midnight Express
Press Conference
Ocean Forecast
Finance Program
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• Elite Converge
Info & Commentary Program
Omni Media Weekly New!!
Weekend Hot Talk
Global Online
Media Assembly
Mainland Q & A
China News Live
Hong Kong Viewpoint
Chief Editor’s Time
Taiwan Weekly Focus
News Talk
Phoenix Info Billboard
Showbiz Report
Current Affairs Debate
Approaches To Politics &
News Bulletin
Architecture’s Dream
News Program
Good Morning China 《鳳凰早班車》
Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Echo Huang
A refreshing reportage to get audience a good
start of the day, Good Morning China offers the
latest news from major wire services such as
Reuters, Associated Press, Sky News, NHK, EETV
and FOX etc.
Enjoy a hearty breakfast with a nice serving of the
day's headlines, financial updates and weather
Reports cover financial news, including the
previous night’s closing on SE Asian stock markets
and early reports on European exchanges, daily
headlines from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
newspapers, and world weather forecasts.
Morning Financial News 《晨早財經》
(Broadcast in Good Morning China)
Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Echo Huang
Whether it be US’s Dow Jones, various European
market indexes, UK’s FTSE or the Asian stock
markets, none of the overnight market
movements will be lost to you with Morning
Financial News.
Morning Financial News prepares for viewers
the first thing in the morning the latest situation
and detailed analysis of the US and European
markets, as well as insightful forecasts of Asian
markets ahead of their opening. Expert opinions
are collected through authoritative reportage.
News Program
Today’s Headlines 《今日頭條》
(Broadcast in Good Morning China)
Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan,
Echo Huang
Today’s Headline brings viewers the most
recently updated international news headlines
from major international wire services and
newspapers, giving an overview of world news
early in the morning.
Over the years, Phoenix has been the first in
breaking world-shaking news, reporting latest
headlines that set the pace for Chinese
television worldwide, as well as creating a brand
of gold, a mark of style and a collection of
Phoenix Afternoon Express
Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan,
Echo Huang, An Dong,
Chiang Sheng Yang
News is always the core competitiveness of
Phoenix’s success and powerful impact.
For irrepressible news lovers, Phoenix Chinese
Channel presents Phoenix Afternoon
Express just after noon.
Presenting the most updated international and
financial news breaking before lunch, viewers can
tune in to stay informed about events
happening around the world.
News Program
Noontime Financial News《午間財經》
(Broadcast in Phoenix Afternoon Express)
Presenter : Yang Shu, Yang Juan, Echo
Huang, An Dong, Chiang Sheng Yang
Noontime Financial News is a program that reports
in-depth half-day report on regional Asian stock
market performances. The show also provides the
latest developments in the European and US markets
including the Dow Jones index, major European
i n d e x e s a s w e l l a s t h e U K F i na n c i a l T i m e s
Time is as precious as money, which is why viewers
with countless demands on their times cannot afford
to miss Noontime Financial News. The Program
organises the vast amount of information and reminds
viewers of the most important issues as soon as they
happen so that viewers can get going ahead of the
Global News Live《環球直播室》
Phoenix has always strived to become the first
Chinese media for breaking news and
authoritative reportage. For this worldwide live
broadcast is crucial to crystalising our mission.
Phoenix reporting bureaux are in round-theclock operation to pull out Global News Live.
From Israel, Taiwan, to Kosovo, Dubai, Pakistan
and Türkmenistan, Phoenix superb team of
reporters has never failed to probe into the hot
case even it is at the farthest corner of the globe.
Phoenix teams of professionals will push the
envelope to cover more news for you from
Moscow, Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing to Tehran, Paris,
London, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.
News Program
Phoenix Focus 《鳳凰焦點新聞》
News on the Hour《鳳凰正點播報》
Presenter : Shannon Liu, Yang Shu,
Yang Juan, Ren Ren, Ma Bin,
Chiang Sheng Yang, Wan Jun,
Li Ke Fu
Aired 14 times a day, 7 days a week, News on
the Hour provides coverage of news and current
affairs from around the world, concise, speedy
and accurate keeps viewers informed of the latest
breaking news each hour.
Phoenix Focus is a live daily news program
featuring coverage of current affairs, finance,
social issues, culture, entertainment and sports.
Anchored by professional presenters, Phoenix
focus provides in-depth review and thorough
report on daily events
Phoenix InfoNews provides a comprehensive
range of news information and current affairs
programs presented by the best anchors and
journalists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Featuring both hard and soft news, the program is
a must for those who want to keep ahead of the
days’ events.
Acknowledged widely as the “Bridge” among
Chinese all over the world, Phoenix presenters
possess impressive educational qualifications,
language skills, the ability to analyses situations
and quick to respond, helping them to build a
bond of confidence with the audience.
News Program
The Asian Journal
Presenter : Sally Wu, Lu Chen,
Jason Chien, Avon Hsieh, Ren Ren
This heavy-weight Phoenix reportage commands
respect and acclaim from our inquisitive audience.
An in-depth coverage of the latest social,
economical, cultural and sports news from Hong
Kong, Taiwan and China, The Asian Journal is the
flagship daily news report that also features
headlines from around the world.
With objective reporting and in-depth news
analysis, The Asian Journal is a popular news
program in China with different segments including
“Headlines”, “Top Stories”, “Comments”, ‘World
Reports’ and “News in Brief” covers major news
from around the world.
“Cross Taiwan Straits” and “Inside Hong Kong and
Macau” carry news on Greater China, plus “Science
and Technology”, “Glamours”, “Sports Focus” and
“Money Line”.
Weather Forecast
Presenter : Wang Qing
Viewers can decide whether to open
umbrellas or pull on sun-shades for sure,
with the Weather Forecast, Phoenix goes
the extra mile to collect data from
observatories worldwide so that predictions
and reports on weather conditions in
different countries are as accurate as
Phoenix’s engaging young presenter tracks
upcoming conditions in her upbeat, lively
presentation coupled with music, folklore
and traditional wisdom pertaining to
different weather conditions in various times
of the year, making Weather Forecast a
true delight regardless of rain or shine.
News Program
Phoenix Midnight News Update
Phoenix Midnight Finance Express
Presenter : Jade Lin, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu
Presenter : Jade Lin, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu
Catering to a niche late-night audience, Phoenix
Midnight News Update is a current affairs
program airing at midnight that brings people
news from Greater China and around the world.
Phoenix Midnight Finance Express is a
live program that reports on daily global
financial news and summaries the stock
market trends around the world.
The program is often the first to report breaking
news from Europe, America and the Middle East.
For the past years of its running, the program has
been swiftest in its response to major world
events, showing how Phoenix is the premier
Mandarin-speaking news network.
News Program
Breaking News
Tune in to Phoenix InfoNews and viewers can expect nothing less than the most updated breaking
news on international, social or financial affairs. Our fast and accurate breaking news reports and
instant summary have been compulsory viewing for those who would like to keep up-to-the-minute
with the rapid-changing world.
Breaking News and big headlines are put into wider perspectives with Phoenix’s professionalism.
Phoenix made thorough reports on the US presidential election campaign, sentence of Gu Kai Lai,
Diaoyu Islands dispute, death of a hard-boiled criminal in Chongqing, train fire in India and stormy
rain in Beijing that made Phoenix stand out from other regional media.
In 2011 and 2012, InfoNews Channel had live broadcast 199 and 230 hours respectively. Until the
end of December, 2013, we have broadcast 200 hours live.
News Program
Live Focus 《焦點直播》
Philippines devastating storm, terrorist attack inside the shopping mall of Kenya, antigovernment protest in Bangkok and China moon exploration project…Events that
concern all of us happen around the world every day.
Live Focus covers live broadcast of summit, forum, election, speech, press conference,
opening & closing ceremony of mega events, pre & post-campaign activities of
anniversary etc. The date and relevant info of the aforesaid events are made known
beforehand with schedule or itinerary given.
The mission of Phoenix InfoNews is to report news from a Chinese perspective,
reshaping the existing reliance on western media. Phoenix has established a
comprehensive network of news bureaux across the three continents in the major cities
of the world. The worldwide network empowers Phoenix to have an instant live program
like this to bring viewers to the hot spot.
News Program
News Zone《時事特區》
Weekend Morning News
Presenter : Jade Lin, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu
Weekend Morning News, which keeps
them abreast of events from around the
world. Every Saturday and Sunday, this
news program puts viewers in touch with
Greater China and the world.
The program puts audiences right to the spot of
news through our experienced reporters stationed
around the world. Audiences are able to witness
the occurrence right there and then and to follow
its up-to-the-minute development. They are given
experience that is far more exciting or shocking
than that of an interpreted one.
Phoenix’s outstanding features are met with wide
accolade as we garnered 4 prestigious awards at
New York Festivals and Hugo TV Awards 2012.
Phoenix is dedicated to give a Chinese
perspective on the ever-changing world
news. It is definitely a distinguished voice
and a brand new angle to the world,
delivering the Chinese way of thinking and
News Program
The World This Week
Presenter : Shannon Liu, Echo Huang,
Jade Lin
Every Saturday and Sunday The World this
Week presents a 30-minute news report that
keeps audiences updated on the weekend’s news
events. It is the weekend version of Phoenix
Afternoon Express. The professional team of
journalists and editors of Phoenix are always
ready and on the spot to guarantee viewers be
fully informed.
Amid full-fledged globalisation, information is
most sought after by different social classes to
make sure they are kept informed at all times.
Weekend Midnight Express
Presenter : Jade Lin, Shannon Liu,
Echo Huang, Wan Jun, Li Ke Fu
The central spirit of Phoenix InfoNews is the
accurate report of update news. Over the years,
Phoenix is dedicated to providing a wide variety of
information and updated news to people all across
Presenting the most up-to-the-minute international
and financial news breaking on weekend, viewers
can tune in Weekend Midnight Express to stay
informed about events happening around the
The rapidly growing Chinese middle class have
enormous interest in international political and
economic developments. For this, InfoNews
Channel is dedicated to bringing viewers roundthe-clock news in the most concise, accurate and
timely way.
News Program
Press Conference《問答中國直播》
The mission of Phoenix InfoNews is to report news from a
Chinese perspective, delivering balanced, unbiased and
accurate reportage. Phoenix has established a comprehensive
network of news bureaux across the three continents in the
major cities of the world. The worldwide network empowers
Phoenix to have an instant live program like this to bring
viewers to the hot spot.
Press Conference covers live broadcast of weekly press
conference held by State Council Information Office of the
P.R.C., and the monthly press conference held by Taiwan
Affairs office of the State Council P.R.C.
Over the past 18 years, Phoenix is dedicated to providing a
wide variety of information and updated news to people
across China as well as Chinese speaking communities
around the world.
News Program
Ocean Forecast《海洋預報》
The ocean takes up 70% of our planet’s surface and is
closely bound up with human activities. Whether you
live by the sea, or are about to set sail, or are
preparing for a seaside resort holiday, you can rely on
Ocean Forecast for the latest marine weather
Every day of the week Ocean Forecast brings you two editions packed with speedy and
accurate date, including a 3-day wave forecast in Northwest Pacific, and updates on waves
and sea temperatures for the next 24 hours as well as the next 3 days in a host of East Asian
and Southeast Asian coastal cities.
Finance Program
Phoenix Financial Daily Report
Presenter : Jason Chien
Finance is much more than the sum of a string of data. It
involves a vast amount of information, including politics, social
affairs and technology, to name but a few.
It is obvious that financial trends are not only reflected in
financial news. Headlines of all kinds across the globe can have
an impact on the financial world whether directly or not. A
comprehensive understanding of how it works is key to grabbing
the opportunities as they arise.
So how can we decode the multifarious messages in the
information age in order to get ahead of the rest?
Phoenix is launching a new financial programme Phoenix
Financial Daily Report to help audience figure out the financial
clues from a choice selection of the hottest news of the day. The
show also links up with financial gurus, web celebs and experts
from related fields to offer their profound insights. Presenting the
latest figures and conducting public surveys on important topics,
Phoenix Financial Daily Report generates a sweeping view on the
trends that will bring you that unique investment opportunity.
Finance Program
China Financial Intelligence《中國深度財經》
Presenter: Zhang Tong
China’s economy is still thriving while debt crises in the US and Europe remain unresolved. All focus is
now on China as a powerhouse to lift the global economy out of the doldrums. Shanghai as the financial
hub of the country is naturally in the spotlight.
At present, Shanghai plays host to over 1,000 international financial establishments, more than 200
companies on the Fortune 500 list, and up to 300,000 financial professionals. The city is set to take up
the role as a major world financial center. With the government’s active support, development in finance,
shipping, trading and the economy will be far-reaching.
China Financial Intelligence takes a weekly look from the vantage point of Shanghai at all aspects of the
Chinese economy, allowing the world to learn more about the country and the city.
The program addresses important economic issues, dissect money matters, examines crucial data and
discusses influential factors such as banking, properties, commodities, funds, forex, gold trading and
shipping. It helps viewers grapple with fluctuations in various markets, and spot the trend amidst diverse
indicators to make wise decisions on their investments.
Bankers, fund managers, economists and academics alike are invited to offer their opinions as they
examine the state of the Chinese economy and diagnose whatever problems it is facing.
Finance Program
Financial Journal 《金石財經》
Presenter : Vie Tseng Chin I, Wan Jun
Commentator: Shih Chi Ping, Zhu Wen Hui
For those who want to keep on top of global economy, to turn seemingly profitable
opportunities into solid gold, to minimize investment risk, Financial Journal is a must-watch
program for viewers to keep updated about the market movement and anticipate future trends
to make the right decisions.
This program gives in-depth analysis and up-to-date financial news. Such information is
essential to make wise decision in today’s volatile financial market. Coupled with the
professionals from the field, renowned finance commentator Shih Chi Ping opines valuable
insights from different angles on the day’s hottest topics.
Vie Tseng joined Phoenix in April 1997, her remarkable sensitivity in reporting has been her
winning forte ever since.
Shih Chi Ping is a well-known political and financial commentator. He has been Chief Editor,
researcher and frequent guest speaker in various political and financial forums. The essay of
Mr. Shi is logical, well-thought out, well-organised and convincing. He is known for his
knowledge and reasoning.
Finance Program
Elite Converge 《財智菁英滙》
Presenter : Yang Shuang
Tireless, perseverant, always one step ahead, they are the self-made
achievers who grasp the pulse of the time, promoting positive values and
social justice. They set the standard for those with a passion for
excellence. Program Elite Converge presents interviews with
entrepreneurs, offering insights on how they overcome the hurdles.
Rich people are not necessarily the conscientious social elites. Only those
social elites with integrity, great visions will lead the world by example.
Such elites are the pillars of the society, they encourage creativity, build
corporate empires, accumulate capital while at the same time they are
conscious of their roles in environmental protection, social welfare and
Wisdom is the paramount theme of this program.
Info & Commentary Program
Omni Media Weekly 《全媒體周刊》
In 2013, Omni-Media Online was launched to great acclaim.
To further advance the same style of elevated perspective and
creative vision, Phoenix is offering an integrated news
programme Media Weekly in 2014. Capitalizing on the edge
of its rich and diversified media platform that comprises TV,
the internet and radio, Phoenix reaches out for full interaction
with the audience.
Every week, Media Weekly organizes and analyzes the
hottest news stories, digging deep into their causes and
charting their progress. Public opinions are collected from the
mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan via the internet and street
interviews. Graphs and figures add authenticity to the
presentations while viral clips and web celebs ensure
comprehensive coverage of views from all walks of life.
Netizens can voice their opinions while commentators are invited to answer their questions
concerning major international and social topics in real time. Sparkly interaction through WeChat and
QR Codes explore the headlines from various angles. URadio is also on hand to select netizens’ pithy
comments that bring out the life and humor in a world of multi-faceted information.
Info & Commentary Program
Weekend Hot Talk
Presenter : Guo Yan
Discussion can be breezy and blithe, even when it is on serious
international affairs and historical issues with current implications.
Weekend Hot Talk is a salon of renowned academics, industry
authorities and thought leaders. In a relaxed mood that recharges
the mind, their intelligent chat engages the audience by teasing
out entire networks of cause and effect behind every topic in
Each weekly topic is selected from significant news stories both at home and abroad. Our guests,
grasping major points of interest, elucidate the gist of the matter in simple terms. On top of issues
concerning the US and Europe, more attention is given to Asia, besides emphasis on Africa, Latin
America, the Middle East, and some smaller states in Europe.
The thought-provoking discussion criss-crosses boundaries of geography and history to reflect how
we are all impacted by the “butterfly effect” that can be traced back to any single incident from any
parts of the world.
Info & Commentary Program
Global Online 《天下被網羅》
Presenter : Chu Yu Ting, An Dong, Jade Lin, Ada
Lau, Coco Chen Shwu Woan, Ma Bin
Phoenix never fails to produce information-packed program to take the lead of the ever-changing
cyber world with the audience. Phoenix strives to expand the boundary of the source of info and
set the standard for a well-made news-cum-info program.
From news headlines, unheard-of stories, wacky photos, heart-rending depictions to frontline
adventures, hosts scan through major portal websites across the world, highlight cyber fun, pass
on gimmick columns, snapshots, awe-inspiring clips and many more. This program is the answer
to the overwhelming demands of the info-thirsty clans.
The hosts pepper and command the program with witty observation and penetrating remarks.
Global Online meant to capture all the interesting info on net, striving to hook up with the
viewers via Phoenix website at near real time, trying to be more appealing to stand out from the
traditional mode of media.
Coco Chen is a high caliber reporter and presenter from Taiwan. Chen has a wealth of knowledge
about Taiwan society.
Info & Commentary Program
Media Assembly 《媒體大攝滙》
Presenter : Ma Bin, Coco Chen Shwu Woan, Wan Jun
According to statistics, there are over 60 satellite TV in China, not
including those provincial and city TV stations. A colossal output of
news and information are produced every day to satisfy the demands
of the population. They generate an enormous amount of riveting
stories covering a wide variety of subjects with novel implication.
Riding on information integration, Phoenix InfoNews Channel presents
Media Assembly, the program gathers special social, domestic, funny
technological news from all across mainland China, Hong Kong and
Taiwan. It feeds the audience with interesting human stories from the
other side of our society.
Ma Bin is a graduate of Boyin Department of Beijing Broadcasting
Institute. He has a style of layman, the language of human, radiating
no-nonsense and down-to-earth charisma, winning the hearts of the
audience with his unique “people style”.
Coco Chen is a high caliber reporter and presenter from Taiwan. Chen
has a wealth of knowledge about Taiwan society. Her connections and
her first hand experience in running for legislative body gave her an
insider view of the much complicated Taiwan political scene.
Info & Commentary Program
Mainland Q & A 《問答神州》
Presenter : Sally Wu
Sally Wu, Phoenix premier presenter, is scaling new heights to produce
this tour-de-force program called Mainland Q & A to invite more highprofile leaders from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong as our guests.
Zero-distance from the heavyweights and top leaders is the draw of this
program. It reveals striking details about the thoughts of the most
influential decision-makers, telling viewers the pulse of the time.
Since 2006, Sally is honored to interview as many as 6 Vice Chairpersons
of National People’s Congress, 5 Vice Chairmen of Chinese People’s
Political Consultative Conference as well as many other high-ranking
officers from mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
As one of the most recognizable TV hosts in China, Sally’s
professionalism and pleasing style are much adored by the high-end
audience in the Chinese community across the world.
Info & Commentary Program
China News Live
Presenter : Avon Hsieh, Shannon Liu,
Coco Chen Shwu Woan
China News Live covers the hottest news of the
day from Greater China and gives a complete
picture of key issues including detailed background
information and in-depth analysis of its impact from
different perspectives.
It is all about the day’s top stories on politics,
military, economy, culture, technology and society in
China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as
international developments related to the region and
the people. Phoenix news bureaux in the US,
London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Shanghai and Taipei
file back credible stories to Phoenix Headquarters
for this news-oriented program.
Hong Kong Viewpoint
Hong Kong Viewpoint is a rapid-paced
program focusing on Hong Kong news,
views, people and events. A spicy mix of
interviews and on-the-street scenes, this
magazine program never fails to amaze
the viewers with life in Asia’s leading
business and financial capital. Airing once
a week, the show features the city’s
hottest issues, the most interesting people
and what makes them special.
Info & Commentary Program
Chief Editor’s Time 《總編輯時間》
Presenter : Oliver Lu, Lawrence Ho, Du Ping
Living at the crossroads of globalization and diversified information
sources, life is full of choices yet short of judgment. Chief Editor’s Time
gives you the right bearing and the necessary senses to tread uphill.
A summary of the day’s key events, Chief Editor’s Time also offers a
profound look into their implications. Hosted by Phoenix’s commentator or
chief editor, the programme talks you through major points in the
headlines and forecasts trends in future.
It is a rich program also backed by colourful tidbits, sidelines and melodies
from the day including entertainment news, social observations and
technology launch. Social highlights and miscellaneous stories add a
dimension of fun. So please enjoy!
Oliver Lu has been working in journalistic field in Beijing, Sydney, Hong
Kong and Taipei for over 20 years, he has been a journalist, editor,
producer and writer for major feature works.
Lawrence Ho is an expert in international affairs specialized in Russia
issues, cross straits and N.E. Asia. His distinct, direct and crystal clear
comments are his hallmark style.
Info & Commentary Program
News Talk
Taiwan Weekly Focus
Presenter : Huang Chia Teng,
Peng Shi Ting
Taiwan Weekly Focus, a timely production
by Phoenix team of veteran journalists in
Taiwan, aims to bring viewers the most updated
topics in Taiwan of the week on politics,
economy and social life. It is the indispensable
thermometer to capture the hottest events
happening, with in-depth features on people’s
livelihood, unheard-of customs as well as
political entanglements.
Huang Chia Teng has been well trained in the
leading Taiwan TV stations such as TNN TV,
ETTV, CTS and CTI TV for over a decade.
Huang is uncompromising in pursuit of the truth
when he reported most of the major news
Presenter : Liang Yin
Commentator: Anthony Yuen
Immerse yourself in critical debate and in-depth
analysis from wise men. News Talk focuses on top
political issues, economic headlines and current
affairs. Also featured is live discussion on news
stories. Through the expertise of our commentators,
viewers are guided to an uncluttered perspective on
what matters now.
News through the critical eye, transparency
guaranteed. Scholars enhance the program with their
extensive knowledge and experience, treating the
viewers to a detailed, incisive and informative news
Mr. Yuen is a popular columnist for Singapore’s
‘United Morning Post’, Hong Kong’s ‘Economic Journal’,
New York’s ‘East Meets West Forum’ in the past years.
He has authored best-selling books that are also
critically acclaimed.
Info & Commentary Program
Phoenix Info Billboard
Showbiz Report
Presenter : Chu Yu Ting
Presenter : Lany Tian, Wang Qing
To know the up-to-date market trends, world
news, chic ideas and techno-breakthrough, this
highly-condensed program presented by Zhu
You Ting with the joint efforts of numerous
news-info agencies will give you the short cut
to get the not-to-be-missed info for the day.
• talks about the box office movies,
blockbusters on the chart and the
latest showbiz news;
• offers best-selling books, magazines;
• shows you the hottest phrases and
people on the world wide web;
• presents the chicest and sleekest
electronic gadgets;
• delivers the most sought-after trendy
items and vogue for pleasure.
When an entertainment show storms into
Phoenix InfoNews Channel, viewers know
at once the fun and joy they are in for.
Phoenix is rolling out more heat by
featuring the splashing heat in the
showbiz world, the coolest celebrity
seizing the headlines on newspapers and
the most bewitching romance in the
spotlight. The program provides the
hottest information, side stories and
reviews of movies and debuts, in addition
to special features on the happy-go-crazy
people in town.
You just can’t afford to
entertainment extravaganza!
miss this
Info & Commentary Program
Current Affairs Debate
Presenter: Cheng He Lin, Huang Hai Bo,
Liu Qing Dong
An electrifying platform where minds meet and diverse, Current Affairs Debate
draws insightful views and ideas on latest news stories from the host and
participants. Audience can join in the live debate by casting votes for the side they
support through emails, text messages and fax.
Well-known commentators from China, Hong Kong and overseas are invited to
participate, providing viewers an in-depth understanding regarding issues at hand
through unparalleled perspectives. Fast and fierce repartees between the hosts
and the guests come into light in each episode, bringing into focus the viewpoints
of the particular issue.
Info & Commentary Program
Approaches to Politics & Business
Presenter : Bai Yan Qin
Market are not made of numbers. They are made of
passions and partnership, vision and decisions, dreams
and actions. It is the people who made the market
bigger. It is the competent people who made the
market stronger and better.
Approaches To Politics & Business redefines the possible, showing us how something
impossible for some, it could be possible for those with a clear objective and determination.
Let’s find out how the doors are opened for the entrepreneurs.
Resourceful, mature, independent, Bai Yan Qin comes from Shaanxi, she once scored the
highest esteem as one of the China Top Ten Presenters. She has a sharp eye for facts and
figures, and a judgement of the right decision made by the high-flyers. She always asks
the million-dollar questions for the audience.
Info & Commentary Program
News Bulletin
The emergence of tablet computer or tablet PC has changed the
way we live. Tablets are now everywhere, on roads, in the
meeting and in the sky!
The tablet is also rolled out on InfoNews Channel with similar
outlook. In 90 seconds, eight to ten pieces of news of the day
are delivered with vivid images, captivating and arresting
footage. It tells you the stories with impressions.
This smart bulletin is trendy and back-to-basic. It incorporates news with your daily viewing.
Images are stronger than words, it sets your imagination off and makes you wonder the
rationale behind.
Info & Commentary Program
Architecture’s Dream 《築夢天下》
Presenter: Angela Chow
Great architecture share similar qualities, they are what inspire us in
this programme, Architecture’s Dream.
Architecture has long been the products of human civilization blending
functional, economical, technical and artistic dimension of the society.
From simple residential cottage, impressive royal mansion to
magnificent skyscraper, behind those bricks and steel structure, it is the
historical and cultural designs that make them immortal. They mean so
much more than simply shelters but art works that mark the footprints
and prosperity of human civilization.
Great architecture, like literature, always reflects the sentiment and vision of the designer and
they are also the cultural expression of the time. Timeless architecture goes beyond the borders
of nations, crosses the barricades of languages and cultures, showcasing the relentless endeavors
and lasting accomplishments of different ethics groups.
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