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Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt
Style: Art Nouveau & Symbolism
P.O.B: Baumgarten, Austria
Birth: 1862
Death: 1918
Is known for: being a painter of
women. Klimt’s primary subject
was the female body. He was
much criticized for his work for
his three large paintings for the
University of Vienna. Paintings
were deemed too radical and
were not displayed. These
paintings were later destroyed
by Nazi’s in the 1940’s. He
wore a large robe in his studio
and had numerous children
(14) by various women. He
never married. He befriended
Emilie Floge and was by his
side at his death bed at his
“The Kiss”
1907, medium: oil on canvas
Description 1. By far, Klimt’s
most famous painting. The
painting depicts a couple.
The man is covered in an
ornamented robe
embracing the women who
is kneeling and both bodies
become lost. This painting
best demonstrates the
Gold Phase in which Klimt
uses gold leaf to adorn a
painting. It is rumored that
“The Kiss” is a portrait of
Klimt and Emilie.
Klimt’s Landscapes
Adele Bloch-Bauer
1907: Medium:Oil on Canvas
Description 2. Shows a
woman seated wearing a
highly decorative dress.
It’s a portrait of Adele
Bloch- Bauer. She is a
collector of his work.
This is another painting
from his Gold Phase.
Dress is made up of
rectangles and eye
shaped motifs. Klimt
painted her twice and
other paintings have
similar facial features.
Other Klimt Work
Objects with Klimt Art
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