Aviation in the 1920`s

Golden Age of Aviation
1920's – 30's
Cool Planes
Plane that could carry
the most passengers
was the Caproni Ca.60
Transpaero. It could
carry 100 Passengers.
The fastest plane of the time
was the Curtiss CR-3. Its top
speed was 311km/h. Above
Best long distance plane was
the Ryan NYP. It could
travel 7,483km in one flight.
1919, Planes used for forest fire
patrols and accessing Northern
1919, first transatlantic flight, done
in stages in May. June first nonstop transatlantic flight.
1919, first aerial survey, done in
Labrador. More than 15,000
photos taken.
August 17, 1920 Roy Maxwell, war
veteran, first flight to James Bay.
1920, first pilots license, engineer
certificate, and provincial air force
1920, first Commercial flight, the
flight left Winnipeg.
Plane Production and Use
Average plane in 1919
Plane in 1929
After the war plane production was not
Planes used in the war were adjusted
to use in Canada, as bush, mail, or
forest fire patrol planes.
Soon planes are being used for
transporting people.
Planes used for training in the army
were sold to private owners for just a
few dollars.
In 1924 the number of air force pilots
dropped from 139 to 21, and planes
went from 60 to 32.
Planes were made of wood and
canvas, but are soon made of metal so
they are stronger and last longer.
Summary of 1919-1929 In
Planes took huge steps in progressing
towards the machines we see today.
Before World War 1 planes were just being
invented. The war put pressure on
inventors to improve planes to use in the
After the war we were left with planes that
no longer had a war to fight in, so we used
them for fire patrols, bush flying to access
Northern Canada, and eventually
passenger transportation.
War veterans used there flying skills to
become pilots for bush planes, or to
entertain the public.
Planes caught the imagination of people
across the country, Pilots were turned into
celebrities and had parades to celebrate
their accomplishments.
We started with planes made of wood and
canvas, and by the end of the decade had
metal flying machines.
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