Fairytale Cootie Catcher

He hid
all thorough
the winter but when
he woke up in the spring
he found he was a
beautiful swan!
The giant
was angry and
chased him but Jack
cut the beanstalk down just in
the three
bears came home
and chased her out of
the cottage and she never
came back.
He had
eaten Grandma
and how he wanted
to eat her! But a kind
woodcutter cut him open and
saved them!
Once upon a time
Goldilocks went
into the cottage of
the three bears
while they were
having a walk in
the woods.
Once upon a
time the three
billy goats gruff
went to cross the
bridge to get to
the green grass.
the third
billy goat gruff
was big and strong
and he kicked him right into
the water!
He tried
to take her child
but she managed to
guess his name. He was so
angry he put his foot through the
So the
third little pig
lit a fire and when
he came down the chimney
he was cooked in the pot!
Once upon a time
the three little
pigs each built a
house, one of
straw, one of
wood and one of
Charming found
her slipper at the ball
and when it fitted they lived
happily ever after!
Fairytale cootie catcher
The ugly sisters
were horrible to
Cinderella and
treated her like
a slave.
1. Print and cut round outside of cootie catcher
2. Fold in half and in half again
3. Open out, turn over so top is blank and fold each corner into the middle
4. Turn over and repeat so the numbers are folded into the middle
5. Turn over so you can see the pictures
6. Slide your thumb and your finger behind 2 of the pictures and press together so they bend round and touch
7. Turn over and repeat with the thumb and finger of the other hand for the other two pictures
8. All the pictures should now be at the front with centres touching and you are ready to use your cootie catcher!