Grade 5
ELA Module 1
Unit 1, Lesson 1
Declaration of
Human Rights”
Learning Targets
• I can follow our class norms when I participate
in a discussion.
• I can define human rights.
• I can determine words I know and words I don’t
• I can summarize Article 1 of the UDHR.
I can follow our class norms when I participate
in a conversation.
I can define human rights.
1. In your groups, discuss the words “human”
and “rights”.
2. Draw or write the meaning for each word.
3. Pay close attention to the Cooperative Group
Rules as you work.
“Universal Declaration of Human
Rights” (UDHR)
• What do you notice about the structure of
the document?
• Turn and talk to the person next to you.
“Articles in the UDHR are claims about things that the
authors of this document believe should be true for all
human beings.”
Your thoughts:
Note Catcher
• What do you notice?
Article 1
All human beings are born free and equal in
dignity and rights. They are endowed with
reason and conscience and should act towards
one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
• Discuss with your partner what you think this might
I can determine words I know and
words I don’t know.
• Discuss with your partner words you know and
words you don’t know in Article 1.
• Circle any words you are unsure of.
Dignity –
Endowed –
Conscience -
Close Reading of Article 1
Reread Article 1
Underline key phrases
Discuss your choices
Reread Article 1
What “right” is the article referring to?
Reread Article 1 aloud using our synonyms in place of the
more difficult words.
With your partner, restate Article 1 in your own words.
Write your summary in the second column of the note
Visualize what Article 1 looks like, and sketch it in the
third column of the note catcher.
What would it look like if the promise in Article 1 was
broken? Sketch this is the fourth column.
Things Close Readers Do
Human Rights
• Why do you think the authors needed to
write a document like this?
• Why should we pay attention to human
Exit Ticket
• The authors of the UDHR claim that all
people are ___________.
Think about the book Giant Steps to
Change the World, and using
complete sentences, write a
paragraph to answer the question:
“What’s YOUR next step going to