The aloha state
• Hawaii is a beautiful state with
enriched culture and history and
many plants and animals here is
a glimpse into the tropical
universe of Hawaii
• Here are some volcanoes
• Mouna kea mountain
Hawaii has many landforms here is sneak peek of
• Mouna Loa mountain
hawaii's landforms
• Kilauea volcano
• Haleakala volcano
• Diamond head
• Waimea mountain
• Waillua falls
• Wailua river
• Opaeka'a falls
• Kings pond
• Hanalei river
Geography of Hawaii
Remember Hawaii has 2 seasons
• May to October is summer
months were it is normally in
the 85 degrees Fahrenheit
• In the winter months november
to April the temperature is
generally in the 78 degrees
• At night it can be 10 degrees
Fahrenheit that is cold 
On mount Waialeale it rains 365 days each year
Hawaii in the winter (below)
Hawaii in the Summer (above)
Animal life
• Rabbit fish
• Sardines
• Tiger shark
• 'Apapane
• Rays
• Puffer fish
• Pacific golden plover
• Galapagos Shark
• Humpback whale
Pacific golden
whale is the
state marine
Plant life
• Red ginger
• Red pineapple
• Coral creeper
• Indian shot
• Yellow ginger
• Climbing day flower
• Bamboo orchid
• Rattle snake plant
Red ginger
Red pineapple
Coral crepper
Yellow ginger
Climbing dayflower
Indian shot
Bamboo orchid
Rattle snake plant
Over thrown
• Here is some events that happened in Hawaii
100-900:The first Polynesian settlers reach Hawaii.
1778 Captain James cook from England reaches Hawaii
and calls it the Sandwich islands .
1795 King Kamehameha unites the Hawaiian islands .
1887 The king Kamehameha gives USA rights to
make pearl harbor a navy base.
1894 A year after queen Liluokalani gets over thrown
Hawaii becomes independent.
1898 The United states take control of Hawaii
1916 Haleakala and Hawaii volcanoes become a national
park .
• 1941 On december 7 the Japanese planes attacked
pearl harbor.
More history
• 1957 The fist telephone service starts from Hawaii to
the USA
• 1959 Hawaii becomes the 50th us state on August 21
• 1961 Our current president Obama is born
President Obama
• The roots of the Hawaiian culture are
what the first Polynesian settlers believed
in but there beliefs changed because of
the island setting so they believed in new
gods like Pele due to events like surfing
• Do you like Hula dancing?Hawaiians did
this to tell stories hula dancing.The way
hula dancing came to Hawaii is because
Hawaiians believed the god pele longed
his sisters to dance so only on sister
danced using certain moments
resembling things.Now hula is popular all
over Hawaii.
• Clothing in ancient Hawaii men wore
loincloth and women wore a Loincloth
rectangular shall and a skirt.
Landmarks and
Volcanoes national
• Kiluea lighthouse
• Bishop museum
• Diamond head state
• Lolani palace state monument
• Pearl harbor
• Haleakala national park
• Volcanoes national park
• Akaka falls state park
Hawaii is home to
• Lapakahi state historical park
7 national
Natural resources
• Minerals
• Wind energy
• Soil
• Water (hydroelectric energy
• Tour guide
• Ship Captain
• Be a ranger at a national park
• Oiler
• Miner
• Industry
• Which way USA map
• wildlifeofhawaii.com/
• hawaiideptland.custhelp.comwww.careerjet.com
• www.nps.gov
• www.ingougo
• www.hawaiiscubadiving.com
• www.vistusa.com
• www2.Ihric.org
Hawaii conclusion
• You should come to Hawaii for
it's beauty, plants and animals
great jobs, beautiful climate,
many amazing geographical
wonders of all the history and
culture and the amazing
monuments and landmarks.
That is why you should come to
The end
Thanks for
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