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This title is for centering.
The official sponsor of [your opera]
Please unwrap candies and silence cell phones.
Photography of any kind is prohibited.
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Quickly! It’s time to go!
The happy sunlight is disappearing!
- Courage, Anna!
- I feel like dying!
We’ll come with you to the forest’s edge.
Bless us, my father!
Everyone come to me…
Angel of God, may the wings you spread to heaven tonight
bear this prayer to the throne of the Lord!
May the trip be good for every pilgrim!
May disappointment not prevent dreams of love!
May the trip be good… Protect all dreams of love!
Angel of God, bear this prayer to the Lord’s throne!
Father… Anna… farewell!
Farewell, Roberto! Farewell!
In those days in Mainz,
a temptress bewitched men, young and old.
She lured Roberto to the obscene orgy
and he forgot his love for Anna.
Meanwhile, afflicted by anguish,
the betrayed girl waited for him.
But she waited in vain, and at the end of winter,
she closed her eyes in sleep eternal.
Like a lily cut down, she lies inside the coffin.
Her face is as pale as a ray of moonlight.
Virgin pure, rest in peace.
Virgin pure, rest in peace.
There is a legend in the Black Forest,
which terrifies faithless lovers.
If a young girl dies of love,
she comes to the forest every night…
…to dance the Witches’ Sabbath
with other Willis and await the betrayer.
If they find him, with the energy of their dancing…
they kill him.
Now for Roberto there came a sad day.
After the siren abandoned him, left him in rags,
he thought to return to the forests.
This night, he returned. Into the woods he enters.
Around him the Willis swirl in the icy air.
He is already in the middle of the dark forest,
trembling of cold and fear.
No, it’s impossible for this offense to remain unavenged!
My daughter lived happy and peaceful at my side.
He came and made her lovesick with his words!
Who, villain, asked for your love?
What horrible offense have we ever inflicted on you…
…that you should kill that angel and
bring such pain to the remaining days of my life?
It’s impossible for such an offense to remain unavenged!
Holy spirit of my daughter…
If the legend of the Willis is true,
then do not show him mercy as you once did.
But await him here at the falling of the evening.
If I could but know that you were avenged,
I would happily salute my final day.
Forgive, Lord, the pitiless thought
that has come from my bleeding heart.
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