HOC Presentation Guidelines and Template

Hercules Operators Council (HOC)
Presentation Guidelines
and Template
Presenter’s Name
Company / Organization
Contact Information
(Phone, Fax, E-mail)
Content Slides
• Slide format cannot be modified without prior
approval of HOC Presentation Coordinator
– Slides MUST utilize the white background color, font
color, font size, bullet format, and HOC logo in upper
left corner as illustrated in these guidelines
– If desired, your company/organization logo may be
placed in the upper right corner of the slides in lieu of
the Lockheed Martin star
– Other slide layouts may be used as needed to
accommodate graphics, photos, tables, etc., but colors
and font sizes MUST conform to the guidelines
illustrated in this template
Photo Slides
• Photo slides may be used as needed
Time Table
• All presenters are requested to notify Cassie
Rogers via e-mail at [email protected]
with their proposed topic and a short summary
by 1 September 2014
• All preliminary presentations must be received
by 15 September 2014
• Once advised of presentation review committee
approval, all final presentations must be
received by 1 October 2014
Submittal Procedure
• Please submit presentations in Power Point format
to: [email protected]
• Large presentation files may be submitted in
Power Point format on CD to:
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Attn: Cassie Rogers
86 South Cobb Drive
Dept. 3B2M, Zone 0586
Marietta, GA 30063-0586
Presentations Posted to
Website After HOC
• In lieu of providing paper or DVD copies, all
HOC presentations will be posted to the
Lockheed Martin web site below a few weeks
following the HOC. If your presentation contains
proprietary data or information that you do not
wish published, copied, or redistributed, it will be
your responsibility to disclose that fact at the
time of presentation submittal.
HOC Contacts
• HOC Coordinator
– Belinda Taylor
• Tel: 770-494-9183, Fax: 770-494-9122
• E-mail: [email protected]
• HOC Presentation/Calendar Coordinator
– Cassie Rogers
• Tel: 770-494-7612, Fax: 770-494-0990
• E-mail: [email protected]
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