Introduction to NestCare & Repair Caseworkers’ Forum
February 2012
What is Nest?
• Welsh Government Fuel Poverty scheme
• Provides something for everyone - Holistic package
of Advice, Support and Whole House Assessment
• Complementary scheme to existing services
• Managed by British Gas with Energy Saving Trust as
a material subcontractor
Nest Eligibility
Everyone can receive support and advice:
- Income Maximisation
- Money Management inc. Energy Tariff advice
- Energy Advice
Home improvement measures targeted at ‘Hard to
Reach’ householders in ‘Hard to Treat’ homes:
Private Sector householders
Householder in receipt of means tested benefit
Living in an F or G rated property (SAP <39)
Means-tested Benefits
Child Tax Credit where the household income is below
Council Tax Benefit (excluding the single person occupancy
Housing Benefit
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
Income Support
Pension Credit
Working Tax Credit where the household income is below
Nest Support
• Measures available for eligible households include:
New Central Heating systems
Renewable Energy generation systems
Solid Wall insulation
Traditional insulation
Energy Saving devices
• Aim – Lift property from F/G to a C rating
F or G Rated Homes
• Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) ranks homes
on 1-100 scale
• Scale converted into letters A-G. F/G properties –
SAP <39
• Aim to install Whole House packages to raise
property to C – SAP 69
F or G Rated Homes
No central heating, or very inefficient central heating (10+
year old boiler)
Solid/Stone Walls
Low levels of insulation
Single glazed windows
No further energy saving measures e.g. light bulbs
Customer Journey
• Energy Saving Trust manages applications to Nest
• Tailored advice and support is provided directly and
through partners as appropriate
• Households complete remote Home Energy Check
to identify Whole House assessment eligibility
Home Energy Check
• Remote Questionnaire to ascertain probable
household SAP score
• 37 questions in total – can take around 20 minutes
on average
• Experienced advisors support householder through
process and assume ‘worst case’ if information
HEC - House
What is the main wall type?
Stone / Timber Frame / Insulated Cavity / Un-insulated Cavity / Solid Brick / Other
How much loft insulation do you have?
None / Don’t Know or No Access / Up to 50mm (2”) / 100mm (4”) / 150mm (6”) / 200mm (8”)
/ 250mm (10”) / 250mm+ (10”+)
How much of the property is double glazed?
None / Some (25%) / Half (50%) / Most (75%) / All (100%)
HEC – Main Heating
What is the main fuel used to heat your property?
Mains Gas / Electricity Off Peak / Electricity On Peak / Smokeless Fuel / House Coal /
Anthracite Nuts or Grains / Wood / Bottled Gas (Cylinders) / LPG / Oil
What is your main heating system?
Storage Heaters / Ceiling Heating / Warm Air / Boiler Supplying Underfloor Heating
/ Room Heaters / Boiler Supplying Radiators / Community Heaters
For all types of heating system:
What heating controls does your system have? (more than one may apply)
Room thermostat (temperature control) / Programmer (time clock) / Thermostatic
Radiator Valves (TRVs)
Customer Journey..
• Applicants for Nest will be deemed eligible if
• Applicants for Whole House assessment
improvement measures are referred to British Gas
• All other applicants receive advice/support
e.g. CERT measures, ESTac
Customer Journey..
• British Gas assign Personal Customer Manager to
• Whole House Assessment confirms eligibility and
recommends necessary improvements
• Works completed within 45 working days, subject to
any dependent work e.g. Planning Permission, Gas
Connection etc.
Customer Journey..
• Works inspected within 15 working days of install
• One year breakdown cover included
• Service Visit provided at first year anniversary
Simple to
referral form
Nest Applications:
Freephone 0800 512 012
(or 0300 456 2655 from mobiles)
Partner Support:
North Wales - Crispin Jones - [email protected]
Mobile: 07538 375 994
West Wales – Carol Lincoln [email protected]
Mobile: 07973852733
South Wales – Kirsten Deakin [email protected]
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