Morgan City Rentals Diesel Jet Pumps

Morgan City Rentals
Diesel Jet Pump
6 x 6 Peerless
Safe Operating
Practices and Procedures
Diesel Powered Jet Pumps
Peerless 3 Stage 6 x 6 (400 psi @ 1400 gpm)
Patterson 6 x 5 (325 psi @ 1200 gpm)
Patterson 4 x 3 (200 psi @ 600 gpm)
6 x 6 Diesel Jet Pump
Package Description
Peerless 3 Stage Model 5TUT 16 Jet Pump
Jet Pump with a GM Series Engine
Units are powered by GM 8V71 Series
Diesel Engines and John Deere Diesels
Air Start, Skid Mounted with Spark
PTO – Twin Disc SP-214
Packing style – Teadit 5/8” graphite
impregnated, style 2007
6” suction hose with foot valve and Fig.
100 hammer unions
2 – 2 ½” Discharge valves
Discharge Flow @ 1400 gpm at 400 psi
Equipped with Emergency Shut down
125 gallon fuel capacity
GM Series - 8’ H x 12’ 8” L x 5’ W
Weight - 12,000 lbs.
John Deere Series - 8’ H x 14’ L x 4’ 7”W
Weight - 10,400 lbs.
Daily Maintenance Procedures
Perform visual walk around inspection. Inspect skid plugs, skid bolts,
rain caps, fuel lines, oil, water , and fuel levels, all ball valve handles.
Check PTO for positive engagement or disengagement. Grease all
Check and inspect packing glands, air bleed valves, and pump housing
Inspect emergency shut down and reset blower flap.
Check air starter and fill oiler if necessary ( air tool oil is recommended)
Inspect suction hose, fittings, and foot valve
Inspect discharge valve and jet hose
Our Effort Makes a Difference
Engine Control Panel
Engine Monitoring
Starting Instructions
Engine Start Button
Engine Stop Button
Engine Throttle
Emergency Shut
Proper Packing Adjustment
Pump will be shipped with proper front
and rear packing gland settings
Water must drip out of packing gland to
cool graphite packing. Burnt packing will
cause priming problems.
To adjust – turn hex headed nut 1/6 th
of a turn clockwise. Equally adjust front
packing. Make sure that there is a
constant drip of water coming from both
packing glands.
Twin Disc Power Take Off
Clutch Information
Model SP 214-P1
•Self Lubricated Bearings
•Torque setting – 289 ft. lbs.
•Grease daily
•PTO must be ENGAGED for
proper operation
If not knuckled in proper
position- Damage will occur
If the PTO gets hot, smokes, or
smells burnt, shut down unit
Jet Pump Priming
If fresh water flooding method is used,
connect water hose to crowfoot fitting on
suction side of pump, open valve behind the
fitting and open the valve from the air siphon
to the main pump. Flood the pump until
water escapes from the air siphon, close
both valves. Proceed with priming.
If air siphon is used, open valve from siphon
to main pump. When a steady stream of
water and air is detected close the air valve
and valve from the siphon to the main
pump. Proceed with priming.
If using the hand primer pump, open valve
from the hand pump to main pump. Close
the valve to air siphon. Stoke handle slowly
until it becomes hard to pump. (Approx. 90
strokes). Close valve from hand pump to
main pump. Proceed with priming.
Suction hose must be tight and free of
air leaks, submerge foot valve 3’ – 4’
Start engine and run at idle speed
Make sure PTO Clutch is disengaged
Close all 2 ½ “ discharge valves
After method to fill pump housing is
done, engage the PTO and increase
engine speed to 1/3 of full throttle
Open the 2 ½” discharge valve slowly.
Discharge hose should fill
Once discharge hose fills and
hardens, increase engine speed to
desired pump pressure
If pump fails to prime- repeat steps
1 thru 6
Make sure all priming valves are closed
once pump housing is filled.
If problems continue, call Morgan City
Components on the Jet Pump
Start Up Panel
Air Siphon Valve
PTO –Power Take Off
Direct water injection on
suction side of pump
By Pass manifold with (3)
2 ½” discharge valves
Jet Pump Pigging and Flushing
When Pigging and Flushing pipelines, these safety
precautions MUST be taken:
A check valve must be installed on the discharge
valve to prevent back pressure to the pump.
A by –pass valve must be partially open to prevent
overheating of the pump.
Morgan City Rentals recommends that Titan high
pressure jet hose be used with 3 stage pumps and
on pigging and flushing projects.
Failure to observe these warnings will results in
possible injury and damage to the pump
Jet Pump Troubleshooting Guide
Failure to Deliver fluid or pressure
– Pump not primed
– Pump not up to speed
– Discharge head to high
– Air leaks on suction side
– Foot valve to small /damaged
– Burnt Smell
– Pump Vibrating
Re prime unit; foot valve not
completely submerge or clogged
Motor overload, increase driver
Check that all discharge valves are open
and discharge line is free from obstruction
Tighten packing. Check for leaks in
suction line and fittings. Close
all valves on pump housing
Replace foot valve
PTO/ Clutch problem or packing too
Mis-alignment or debris in pump
housing or possible worn bearing
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