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Industrial Microwave Systems
6kW Industrial Microwave Power Generator
Model TM6P
Industrial Microwave Generator
6 kW at 2450 MHz
The Thermex Model TM 6P
microwave power generator is a
complete self-contained microwave
source used for industrial heating
processes. It is rated at 6 kW
continuous power output and
operates at 2450 MHz.
TM6 MW Generator
(Actual Equipment configuration may vary)
The Generator is housed in a NEMA
12 type enclosure and is designed
as free standing or can be bolted to
the floor.
The output power is controlled manually or automatically using An AllenBradley PLC .
The magnetron, magnet, isolator are water cooled.
Designed as an industrial microwave power generator, the TM6P is rugged,
dependable and built to the high Thermex Quality standards.
10501 Bunsen Way, Suite 102
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
[email protected]
Ph: 502/493-1299
Fax: 502/493-4013
Thermex Model TM6P
 Output Power: 1.5-6 kW continuous duty
 Input Power: 480 VAC, 3 phase, 60 cycle approximately 12 KVA
 Operating Frequency: 2450 +/- 15 MHz
 Magnetron Protection: A three port ferrite circulator with water load protects
the magnetron during periods of high reflected power.
 ARC Detection: Photo Electric Arc detection to protect the magnetron,
circulator and waveguide.
 Output Fitting: WR-340
 Cooling: Plant water 2 gpm maximum 80oF
 Overall dimensions: 36 in wide X 64 in high X 18 in deep
 Weight: Approximately 500 lbs
Interlocks: High reflected power, Water flow, Cabinet temperature
Indicator Lamps: System Start up, Generator Ready, Arc Detected, Anode
Over Current, Reflected Power, Microwave “ON”
Push Buttons and Switches: Start-up, Shut down, Start Microwave, Stop
Microwave, Local/Remote Power Control Switch, ARC Test/Reset
Meters: Output Power, Filament Hour Meter
Call For more detailed information about the Thermex TM6P and the complete
line of Thermex microwave and RF equipment.
10501 Bunsen Way, Suite 102
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
[email protected]
Ph: 502/493-1299
Fax: 502/493-4013
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