Use of AMESD products & Services in
Presented by: RINGIA, Asteria Stephen
National Focal Point - Agriculture Service
Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives, Tanzania
Land Use Planning Division
Presentation Outlines
• Agriculture Service in Tanzania
• Exploring of AMESD SADC product by Environment Monitoring
and Mapping for Africa (EMMA)
• Online Climatic Data Retrieval
• Tanzania AMESD National Training Workshop
• Challenges
Agriculture Service in Tanzania
• Tanzania covers 94.5 million ha of land, of which 44 million ha
are suitable for crop production, and out of it only 10.1
million ha (23%) are under cultivation; and 60 million ha are
classified for livestock while only 26 million ha (43.3%) are
currently utilized.
• The country is endowed with a wide diverse of natural
resources, which include forests, wildlife, minerals, rivers,
lakes, wetlands and ocean
• The country has high agro ecological variability which dictates
the types of agricultural activities/enterprises and the AMESD
SADC products is necessary for monitoring different areas.
Tanzania Agro-ecological
Enjoy AMESD SADC product from www.amesd.co.bw/emm
>>www.amesdsadc.org/emm >>EMMA-BDMS
In the middle February
the rainfall is low and
vegetation cover is
low; in the first ten
days of March 2012
the rainfall increased
as well as vegetation
cover but 2005 rainfall
vegetation decreased
and in the end of April,
2012 rainfall increases
further and also the
vegetation cover but
2005 rainfall and
vegetation decreases
The Vegetation Productivity Indicator is used to qualitatively identify areas with
below normal vegetation development possibly linked to low agricultural
productivity and to identify drought affected areas. The VPI percentages
indicate the probability of getting a lower NDVI values based on historical
analysis of the NDVI values. A probability of 20% indicates that there is a 20%
chance of getting a lower value and thus 80% chance of getting a higher value
compared to the previous year for the given date.
The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) which can be used to
measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover and biomass
production. The value varies between -1 to 1; increasing positive NDVI
value indicates increase amounts of green vegetation. Moderate values
represent shrubs and grassland (0.2-0.3); while high value indicates
temperate and tropical rainforests (0.6 to 0.8).
From the maps the areas where VPI (indicator)
percentage increases also the NDVI (Vegetation)
The Tanzania Season (2011) Compare it with Season (2005)
From the graph, the season 2005 vegetation cover is low than season 2011 and also
the vegetation cover is below average
Tanzania Outlook For the Current Season
The graph shows NDVI
LTA Max, LTA Min and
Filtered NDVI;
-and also the current
season of rainfall for
2011/2012 and LTA of
rainfall. In this case the
Outlook for the current
season could be above
normal rains throughout
the year, good harvest
could be expected if
other agronomic factors
remain constant
Comparison of Current and Anomaly of vegetation and rainfall
(Anomaly= Current map – Long-term Average map)
Current and Anomaly Vegetation Tanzania maps (20110421)
Current and Anomaly rainfall Tanzania maps (20110421
Enjoy In Situ and Online Data Retrieval Using Integrated Land
and Water Information System (ILWIS) a Free User-Friendly
Exploring the
resources using
the ISOD
stations allover
the world
Boundaries of different countries showing
Meteorological stations
Zooming to the Area of Interest, Tanzania
View the Various information from ISOD
Temperature and Rainfall derived from Mwanza
Meteorological station, Tanzania (2009)
Tanzania AMESD National Training Workshop
AMESD National
workshop 2011
AMESD National Training
workshop 2012
Monitoring of Agriculture with Remote Sensing Bulletin Created by Participants of
AMESD Tanzania National Training
• The E-station is not operational, it was installed since 9th April 2011 and
on17th April 2011 the problem started and the case was reported to the
AMESD SADC and Telespazio. The initiatives taken in the first step were
the replacement of motherboard (two times) of acquisition machine, UPS,
and DVB card by Telespazio; in spite of all that efforts applied, yet no
improvement has been realized up to this moment.
• Lack of funds for training more people on the use of AMESD SADC
products, purchasing Computer Laptops and for the system
• The funds for national training to pay the perdiem for participants outside
from the city is not sufficient
Thank you
Asante Sana
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