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General Knowledge
Round 2
Wine History
Question 1
The oldest known wine cellar was discovered this year. It is
estimated to be how old?
a. Around 1000 years old?
b. About 10 000 years old
c. About 6000 years old
d. It’s Dave Hughes’ cellar.
Bonus question.
Name the county in which it was discovered?
Question 2
Who ‘invented’ the Pinotage grape in South Africa?
Question 3
What is does KWV (in full) and in what year was it formed.
Question 4
What is the name of the two-handled container that wine was
generally aged and transported in during ancient times.
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Question 5
In 1811 Charles-Henri Heidsieck rode into Moscow just ahead
of Napoleon’s advancing army. What was he up to?
a. He had stolen the French’s Champagne and was going to sell it
to the Russians.
b. He was looking to make a quick buck and sell Champagne to
whoever won the battle.
c. Napoleon insulted his Champagne so he decided to fight for
the Russians.
Question 6
We use distillation for the production of Brandy, but which nation is
believed to be the first to practice it.
a. The Greeks
b. The Dutch
c. The French
Question 7
It has been claimed that Dom Perignon said “I have tasted the
stars?”. This is complete hogwash. But which one of these rules
did Dom lay down for other wine makers to follow.
a. Wash your hands before picking grapes.
b. Harvest in the cool of the morning
c. Really oaky Cabernets will make you the most money.
d. The longer the grape is on the vine, the better the juice
Question 8
In which Year did Phylloxera strike South Africa?
a. 1869
b. 1972
c. 1652
Question 9
We know that Simon van de Stel established Constantia, but who
made the dessert wines of the estate famous?
a. Henk Cloovers
b. Hendrik Cloete
c. Christiaan Henders
Question 10
The first wines of the cape were described by one early diarist as
being only good for
a. Irritating the bowels
b. Cleaning utensils
c. Muddling the senses
General Knowledge
Round 2
Wine Making
Question 11
What is the name for the process where champagne bottles are
slowly turned over time so that the lees settles in the neck of the
For a bonus point, name who is said to have invented the process?
Question 12
How is the fermentation process stopped when making a fortified
Question 13
What is the name for the wine making process famously used in
the Beaujolais region of France.
a. Carbon Maturation
b. Carbonic Maceration
c. Measured Condensation
d. Coordinated Masturbation
Question 14
Name three vine pests.
Question 15
What does the French term Bâtonnage mean?
Question 16
Name three different types of wood that have been used for
making wine barrels.
Bonus point: what do you call the person who makes such barrels?
Question 17
I am stamped in a lagares, I am mixed with aguardente, and aged in
pipes. What am I?
Question 18
What is the scientific name for noble rot?
Question 19
What is sugar converted to during fermentation
Question 20
What imparts the coffee/chocolate flavours to certain styles of
General Knowledge
Round 3
World of Wine
Question 21
Name three of the Bordeaux first growths.
Question 22
What is the main grape variety used in making the wines labeled
Question 23
Where is this vineyard?
Question 24
In which country would you find Screaming Eagle, Stage’s leap and
Chateau Montelena?
Bonus point: Which one of these wineries did NOT take part in the
famous Judgment of Paris tasting in 1976
Question 25
Which country is famous for vinho verde?
Question 26
Name an African country outside South Africa that produces wine
on a commercial scale?
Question 27
Grange is an iconic wine brand. In which country is it produced?
Question 28
Which wine making practice involves buried cows’ horns and the
moon’s cycle?
Question 29
Which wine styles made in Southern England are said – by the
English of course – to be giving the French a run for their money?
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