Travel Southern Oregon Wine Panel – 3/10/14
Byron Marlowe – Southern Oregon University
Scott Steingraber – Kriselle Vineyards
Liz Wan – Serra Vineyards
Lindsey Zager – Del Rio Vineyards
Oregon AVA Map
Wine Economic Impact Oregon
• Economic Impact of the Oregon Wine and Grape Industry
totaled $2.7 billion, accounted for 13,518 jobs and $382
million in wages.
• Currently there are 848 Grape Growers with crop value of
$63.2 million.
• Produced approximately 1.8 million cases of wine and
generated revenues of over $252 million.
Wine Tourism
• Wine related tourism generated $158 million
direct and indirect and taxes accounted for
$65 million (Full Glass Research, 2011).
2013 Wine Tourism Conference
• The fifth annual Wine Tourism Conference
was held in Portland with 400 people in
attendance. A number of wineries from
various southern Oregon wineries
participated and sponsored events included
Southern Oregon hosted one of the most
successful hospitality suites at the
headquarters hotel.
• The second annual Wine Tourism Day in North
America will take place November 8, 2014.
Wineries, hotels, restaurants, and other wine
tourism businesses across North America are
offering special events to the public on this
day to celebrate the importance (and fun) of
wine tourism.