AOS 100/101 Cloud Project

AOS 100/101 Cloud Project
Tweet Pictures of Weather
Tweet @uwaos100_2014 with a link to a
picture that you took!
Upload through Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Example Tweet
Use a hashtag to identify your tweet
• First two letters of first name
• First three letters of last name
Greg Tripoli
Example Tweet
Greg Tripoli
@uwaos100_2014 Stratus clouds not quite
reaching the horizon produced a vivid sunset on
the west side tonight! #GrTri
Example Tweet
Cloud Project
The Rules:
• Tweet 12 pictures with short explanation
• Must be UNIQUE pictures
• At least 3 pictures per month
• Extra pictures will be counted towards extra credit (max. 1 per
• One picture of optical phenomena per month can also be taken
for extra credit
• Put three of your pictures into cloud scrapbook (due at end of the
Academic Misconduct
• Caution: If we find any picture sharing or
fraudulent pictures…
– You will receive -15% for the project
– Maximum course grade of 70%
Example Scrapbook Entry
Date and Time: Friday, October 21, 2011 at 3 pm
Original Tweet and Picture: @uwaos100_2014 Cirrus clouds at Picnic Point. A warm front
is moving in. #GrTri
Location and circumstance: This picture was taken while walking along the path on Picnic
Point in Madison.
Direction: The camera was pointing northeast and at the horizon
Description: Mares tail cirrus. These are thin fibrous clouds composed entirely of ice
which have a distinctive hooked appearance resulting from wind shear across the falling
ice particles.
Estimated Height or Temperature: The cloud is estimated to be at approximately 30000
ft above the ground.
Weather Situation and Web Weather Map: These clouds were formed on the northeast
side of a warm front that stretched from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area
southeastward to Dubuque, Iowa (see figure xx).
Theory on How It Was Formed: These clouds were likely formed by the rising currents of
air over the top of the warm front .
Point Structure
Total Project is worth 15% of overall grade
• 12 Tweets are worth 7.5%
• Cloud Scrapbook 7.5%
Stephen Ogden
[email protected]
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