Wireless Derail System

Wireless Remote Control Derail System
CSX Atlanta , GA
CSX Atlanta , GA
Track and Derail Graphic layout
This system was designed as
Modular Package
Wireless Control System
This wireless Control System was developed to address
the Railroads need to provide a Safe, Reliable cost
effective method of remotely controlling derails within
the guidelines of FRA requirements.
Allen Bradley off the self Micro
Robust Omini directional wireless
Radio with a 25 mile range
- Reliable proven components
- Expandable control of multiple locations
- Software generated Control graphical
Interlace allowing for realtime feedback
- Quick system upgrades
- Low maintenance
- Quick change out of all components
- System self Diagnostics
- Easy system troubleshooting
•SafeTran loop detector
Snyder Electric Derail Package
HDMI Touch Screen Control
The operator logs in with his identification and
unique password all operations are recorded
and available for review, printing with time and
date stamp
Derail position is monitored and
logged including the transition state
between applied and removed
Continuous Monitoring and state
of Wireless Signal
System maintains memory of derail position even
in the event of power failure or radio signal loss
Fault log records all system errors and
displays real-time messages to the operator on
the HDMI screen
System supports the addition of Digital
camera system to display the derail area
System Admin
•Sign in manage users
•Operation logs
Network status
• Radio Signal Monitoring
• Fault log
• System self Diagnostics
Alarm history
• Alarm messages
• Alarm log
• System self Diagnostics
SAFETRAN loop sensor senses any
Locomotives or equipment within the protected
area and will not allow the derail to be applied
Basic Derail System
• Power requirements 110v 10a Breaker
Powder coated
weather tite enclosure
Omni Directional
Position switches
Control Relays
Terminal Block
Derail Control Box
Loop detector
NEMA 4 Enclosure
Powder coated
Derail Actuator
All power, control,
loop wiring enclosed In
support tube
1800ft distance
2800ft distance
Multiple Derails controlled
from one location
1300ft distance
25 mile radius
3800ft distance
CSX Chicago Barr Yard
6 –Remote derail controlled
CSX Atlanta Tilford Yard
2 –Remote derails controlled
2600ft distance
Remote Derail System
w/ wireless control
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