Hospice - HEPCert

Certification and CPE units
The practical application of the mission of the
hospice chaplain in the field of bereavement and
institutional care as well as private care. The
means by which a chaplain may obtain CPE
Long-term Goal
The need to acquire the knowledge and
endorsement so that a good chaplain may
become a certified chaplain with CPE Units.
To be eligible in any institution to perform the
duties of a chaplain.
Institutional and Private
The institution, Medicare and private insurance
expect professional behavior and care.
Chaplains are required by law to give needful
information in order to for a patient to be
properly evaluated each month.
Chaplains and bereavement coordinators are
responsible for the spiritual and emotional needs
as they pertain to the patient and family
Fulfilling patient and family needs as
well as institutional needs.
Provide a comprehensive learning package that
is geared toward success.
The patient and customer are served to the
highest extent possible, strengthening patient
and family confidence in you and/or the
company you work for.
Strengths and Advantages
Along with certification and endorsement
through a recognized entity and denomination,
you are able to acquire CPE units through
education and experience.
Next Steps of Action
What you need to do is apply your knowledge
by registering with HEPCert to get a
certification and receive CPE's.
Follow the simple directions and you are on
your way! Go to www.hepcert.org to begin
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