Hurricane Sandy

The Cayman Islands
2012 Significant Weather Events
2012 Rainfall Pattern
Strong Cold Front
A strong cold front moved across the Cayman area
on the morning of March 5th 2012.
The system supported cloudiness and heavy
showers with a rainfall accumulation of 3.83
inches on March 4th and 5th.
Fresh northeast winds and rough seas continued
from March 6th through March 8th 2012 leading to
the issuing of marine warnings being issued by the
National Weather Service for the period.
Surface chart 1 am March 5th 2012
Extremely Wet Month of April
• An record April total of 7.40 inches was recorded at the Owen
Roberts International Airport for the month of April.
• Traditionally the month of April is the driest of the year with a
normal expected total of 1.27 inches.
• The rainfall total was 6.13 inches more than the 30 year
average and more than was received during the past 9 April’s.
This was 583% more than expected.
• The main producer of rainfall was a slow moving surface
trough that moved across the Cayman area on April 26-28th
2012. The system supported 3.68 inches of rainfall measured
at the Owen Roberts International Airport.
Extremely Wet Month of May
• Mid May is the usual start of the rainy season. May averages 5.96 inches over the
past 30 years.
• A record May total of 17.72 inches of rainfall was recorded.
• The main producer was an area of disturbed weather that formed over the
southwest Caribbean on May 17th 2012.
• The system then moved slowly to the northwest Caribbean by May 19th 2012.
• The National Weather Service began issuing flood advisories on May 20th 2012.
• Very heavy showers started on the night of May 20th 2012 and the National
Weather Service recorded 12.92 inches of rainfall at the Owen Roberts
International Airport from 7 p.m. May 20th to 7 p.m. May 21st 2012.
• The very high rainfall total produced flooding across Grand Cayman.
• The National Weather Service commenced issuing a Severe Weather Bulletin from
3 p.m. May 21st 2012 and continued them through 10 a.m. May 23rd 2012.
• Similar conditions prevailed over the Sister Islands during the period but with
lower rainfall totals. All schools were closed on Grand Cayman on Tuesday May
22nd 2012 and on the Sister Islands the following day.
Tropical Storm Ernesto
Tropical Storm Ernesto
CPA 180 miles South of Grand Cayman - Night of
August 7th , 2012.
Tropical Storm Ernesto
• Weather charts indicate that Tropical Storm Ernesto
passed within 180 miles south of Grand Cayman
during the night of August 7th 2012.
• The Government of the Cayman Islands issued a
Tropical Storm Watch for Grand Cayman on August
• 8 internal bulletins were issued between 5-7 August
• The system produced cloudiness and showers with
an accumulation of 1.39 inches measured at Owen
Roberts International Airport on August 6th 2012.
Hurricane Isaac
Tropical Storm Isaac
CPA 236 miles Northeast Sister Islands -Night of
August 25th 2012.
Tropical Storm Isaac
• Tropical Storm Isaac’s path took the system through the Windward
Passage, north of Cuba within 236 miles to the northeast of the Sister
Islands on the night of August 25th 2012.
• However the extensive cloud pattern and rain bands south of the center
led to a Tropical Storm Watch being issued by the Government of the
Cayman Islands on August 24th 2012.
• The storm produced cloudiness and heavy showers resulting in localized
flooding with accumulations of 0.58 of an inch on August 25th, 4.01 inches
on August 27th and 0.60 of an inch on August 28th 2012.
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Sandy
CPA/229 miles east of the Sister Islands during
the night of October 25th 2012.
Hurricane Sandy
• Storm formed over southwest Caribbean on October 22nd 2012
and moved north-northeast. The storm passed within 229 miles
east of the Sister Islands during the night of October 25th 2012.
• 11 internal bulletins issued between 10 pm October 22nd to 4 pm
October 25th 2012
• Storm caused pressure gradient and wind speeds to increase over
the northwest Caribbean and marine warnings were issued from
October 22-26 2012
• Wave heights reaching 8-10 feet causing damage along north
coast of the Sister Islands on October 25/26th 2012
• Flood warnings issued for Sister Islands for October 24th (1.54
inches October 22-26)
Debris Along North Coast Cayman Brac - By Large Waves - October 25/26,2012
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